18 terms

Congressional Vocab

people a member of Congress represents
a proposed law
interest groups
people with similar goals
people who represent interest groups
Congressional district
area a House member represents
plan for raising and spending money
Bill of attainder
law that convicts a person of a crime with no trial
Speaker of the House
presiding officer in House of Representatives
President pro tempore
person who presides over the Senate in Vice President's place
Floor leaders
chief officers of each party in Congress
Pocket veto
President prevents bill from becoming a law by keeping it for 10 days while Congress is in session
use of long speeches to prevent a vote on a bill
agreement to end debate on a bill
House of Representatives and Senate
Lower and Upper House in Federal Congress (make up the Legislative branch)
Writ of Habeas Corpus
police or any other person(s)/agencies are required to bring a person in their custody to court to explain why they are holding that person if the court orders them to do so.
Committee System
Congress is broken into legislative sub-organizations that handle specific duties
Seniority System
practice of granting special perks and privileges to members of Congress who have served the longest.
accusing an official of serious wrongdoing; if vote passes the official can potential be removed from office