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  1. Frame Structure
  2. compression
  3. Shell Structure
  4. fasteners
  5. Natural Structure
  1. a have a thin, specially shaped outer layer of material that gives them their shape and strength
  2. b are made by nature, not by people
  3. c nails, screws, rivets, staples and bolts are all examples of these
  4. d have a skeleton of very strong materials that are often covered with other materials
  5. e the pushing together force

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  1. welding, soldering are examples of how to melt things together
  2. the study of beauty and art in nature
  3. allow movement at joint
  4. are made by people
  5. sticky substances that can hold things together

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  1. designthe size and shape of a structure and the materials that make up the structure


  2. interlocking shapesfit together because of their shape, like LEGO


  3. tieshow to fasten structures together


  4. structuremade by piling or stacking a lot of the same material into a specific shape or design


  5. tensionthe pulling apart force