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  1. aesthetics
  2. ties
  3. margin of safety
  4. interlocking shapes
  5. fasteners
  1. a thread, string and rope are examples of these
  2. b a range that allows all structures to be built to a high quality
  3. c nails, screws, rivets, staples and bolts are all examples of these
  4. d fit together because of their shape, like LEGO
  5. e the study of beauty and art in nature

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  1. the pushing together force
  2. made by using more than one type of design
  3. sticky substances that can hold things together
  4. have a thin, specially shaped outer layer of material that gives them their shape and strength
  5. the size and shape of a structure and the materials that make up the structure

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  1. Frame Structuremade by piling or stacking a lot of the same material into a specific shape or design


  2. Natural Structureare made by nature, not by people


  3. melted jointswelding, soldering are examples of how to melt things together


  4. structureanything with a definite size and shape that is used for a specific function


  5. rigid jointwelding, soldering are examples of how to melt things together


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