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  1. chemical formula of sand, glass, and glass marbles
  2. scientific name of Epsom salt
  3. scientific name of electrical wire
  4. chemical formula of vinegar
  5. scientific name of sea shells, Tums, chalk, and marble (the rock)
  1. a CH3COOH
  2. b magnesium sulfate
  3. c calcium carbonate
  4. d SiO2
  5. e copper

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  1. sodium chloride
  2. MgSO4
  3. Al
  4. sodium bicarbonate
  5. NaCl

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  1. scientific name of sand, glass, and glass marblesSiO2


  2. chemical formula of sea shells, Tums, chalk, and marble (the rock)CaCO3


  3. scientific name of vinegaracetylsalicylic acid


  4. chemical formula of baking sodaNaHCO3


  5. scientific name of aspirin5% acetic acid solution


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