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2 years

Length of time teachers can use copyrighted materials without permission.

Effect of the use of the work

Affect on the marketplace must be considered when deciding Fair Use

Fair Use Guidelines

Allow students/teachers to use copyrighted materials as long as certain criteria are met.

Internet & Copyright

Materials online ARE NOT free -- many are copyrighted and are afforded protection under copyright laws.

Copyright Symbol

Does not have to be attached to show copyright -- best bet is to assume something is copyrighted unless specifically stated that it is not.

Public Domain

Pertains to works for which copyright no longer applies -- these works are free for anyone to use

Acknowledgment of Copyright

Citing copyright ownership -- must include: copyright ownership, ID the source, copyright notice, provisions for remote use.

Copyright Law & School

Copyright Law applies to EVERYONE, including students & teachers

Limitations - Poems

< 250 words, <3 poems by one poet, <5 poems by different poets

Limitations - Motion Pictures

<10% or 3 minutes,whichever is less

Limitations - Music

<10% or 30 seconds

Limitations - Internet

Apply for specific item type (music, text, pictures, etc...)

Limitations - Photographs

<5 by an artist/photographer

Limitations - Text

<10% or 1000 words, whichever is less

Musical Performances

Schools may not use copyrighted materials for musical performances to make a profit, or they are in violation of copyright laws.


Can make one duplicate of software/cds, etc for BACKUP purposes only -- NOT for distribution to others.

No Copyright

Ideas, procedures, and concepts CANNOT be copyrighted.

Berne Convention, 1989

Outlined changes to US copyright laws that brought the US into line with much of the rest of the world.


Copyright Act was created.

Fair Use

Determined according to purpose & character of work, nature of work, extent of work used, effect on the marketplace.

Ownership vs. License

Software purchased is not owned by the buyer, it is licensed to the buyer for specific uses determined by the copyright owner.

Fear of embarrassment/litigation

What keeps people from violating copyright laws

Law Enforcement language

Sets parameters on behavior.

Non-law enforcement language

Focuses on goals.

How to use in school

Use only amounts outlined in the Fair Use Guidelines & cite source in bibliography.


Moral conduct/motivation based on ideas of right and wrong


Clarify the intent of a message -- :-) :-( ;-)


Hard to read, and is considered the same as shouting -- do not use in messages, emails, etc...


Frequently Asked Questions


Unnecessary cross-posting of messages


Writing when you are angry

Internet at school

Used for school purposes ONLY -- no games, personal business -- these violate network policies.

NOT on the Internet

Don't volunteer personal information online

Email & Privacy

Email is NOT private, can be monitored by others.

Message length

Keep them short and to the point

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