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Chapter 17 Test Prep Reel Period 2


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The Chinese invention that helped people navigate ships at sea was the
It helped sailors figure out directions.
How did the compass help people navigate at sea?
They developed paddlewheel boats powered by people
How did the Chinese improve travel by boat?
segmental arch bridge.
The Chinese developed a new type of arched bridge called a
Which Chinese invention is still used for recording and transmitting the written word?
woodblock printing
What invention helped the Chinese develop a printing industry?
What is movable type?
separate blocks for individual characters that are used for printing
It made written materials more available.
How did movable type change printing?
What popular beverage did the Chinese develop that is made by pouring boiling water over dried leaves?
The Chinese invented a type of fine pottery called
the invention of steel
Which of the following is evidence that Chinese were skilled in making metal?
What Chinese invention changed the type of weapons people used in war?
The first rockets developed in China were used by the Chinese for
to prevent the spread of disease
Why did the Chinese develop a way to inoculate people?