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Southern economy
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Nativismbelief that native born Americans should be treated better than immigrants Not the IndiansAmerican PartyPolitical party formed by Nativists AKA "the Know-Nothing Party"Second Great AwakeningReligious revivals of the early 1800s Baptists and Methodists become to largest Christian denominations in USCharles Grandison FinneyLeader of the 2nd Great Awakening "Fire and brimstone" sermons NY becomes the "burned over district"TranscendentalistsBelieve in spiritual discovery over reason Non-churchRalph Waldo EmersonLeading Transcendentalists Major critic of the South and slaveryHenry David ThoreauLeading Transcendentalists Wrote "Walden: Life in the Woods" Wrote "Civil Disobedience"-influences Ghandi and MLK JrCivil disobedienceNon-violent protest of the governmentUtopiasAttempt to create separate ideal or perfect societies where everyone is equal Usually fail because of moneyTemperance movment1st reform to eliminate alcohol Led by women Has limited success. Does raise AwarenessEducation reformLed by Horace Mann Raise taxes for public education Teach basics (3 R's) "McGuffey's Readers" Mainly in N. S dislikes taxes and need workersPrison reformLed by Dorothea Dix Want to change from solitary confinement to creating discipline and work skills Separates mentally ill from hardened criminalsCult of True WomanhoodAKA Cult of Domesticity Women to get an education to do better in the homeWomen's EducationLed by Catharine BeecherSeneca Falls Convention1st Women's Rights Convention in US No new rights gainedLucretia Mott & Elizabeth Cady StantonBoth kicked out of anti-slavery convention in London They organize Seneca Falls ConventionDeclaration of SentimentsWritten like the Declaration of Independence Blames men for lack of women's rights Pass 12 resolutions calling for legal and political rightssuffragethe right to vote The desire for women's suffrage led to the collapse of the Seneca Falls ConventionSusan B. Anthonyfuture leader of the Women's rights movementAbolitionReform movement to end slaveryGradualismsytematic plan to end slavery over timeColonizatonFree African Americans want to go back to Africa/Liberia Martin Delaney Most want to stay hereEmancipationFreeing the slaves immediatelyDavid WalkerAfrican American that published pamphlet calling for colored people around the world to come revolt against slavery in US Distributed in sailor's pantsWilliam Lloyd GarrisonLeading white male abolitionist Published anti-slavery newspaper "The Liberator"Frederick DouglassLeading black male abolitionist. Published anti-slavery newspaper "The North Star"Sarah & Angelina GrimkeLeading white female abolitionists. Parents owned large plantationSojourner TruthFormer slave Leading black female abolitionist Great speaker for the abolition movement Can't read or writeDivisions in the Abolition movementWhether women should be allowed or not Racial tensions Whether to use legal or illegal tacticsUnderground RRNetwork of escape routes to lead runaway slaves to freedom in the NorthHarriet TubmanA conductor of the Underground RR "The Black Moses" $40,000 reward dead or aliveNorthern resistance to abolitionHarass abolitionists Don't want to hurt trade with S/cotton Fear competition for jobs RacismSouthern resistance to abolitionPost offices censor and destroy abolition materials Pass a gag rule in Congress to prevent discussions on slavery