Earth Science MEAP Words

35 terms by MrsGreen08

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air mass

a huge amount of air that is similar throughout


the layer of gases that surrounds Earth

chemical weathering

weathering that creates new materials


an organism that breaks down dead plants and/or animals


process by which sediment is placed in new locations

dew point

temperature at which water starts to condense out of air


prolonged and abnormal lack of ranifall


the moving of earth material by water, wind, ice, or gravity


remains of organisms that lived in a past time period


condensed water vapor in cloudlike masses near the ground


water beneath Earth's surface


a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air


a substance in soil created by the breakdown of dead plants and/or animals


rock formed by the cooling of molten rock


places where waste is buried in large, plastic-lined holes


rocks that form by changing an existing rock with heat and/or pressure


a molecule made of three oxygen atoms

physical weathering

weathering that breaks bigger rocks into smaller ones


full of pores allowing liquids to penetrate easily

relative humidity

the amount of water vapor in the air compared to how much could be in the air at that time


rock formed when layers of sediments harden over millions of years


average amount of kinetic energy in the molecules of a substance

topographic map

map that shows the surface features of the land with lines


the height above the ground

water vapor

water in the gas form

cold front

the leading edge of a cold air mass


molten rock that reaches the Earth's surface through a volcano


molten rock material under the Earth's crust


the variations in elevation of Earth's surface

relief map

a map that shows the variations in elevation of Earth's surface


to soak, fill, or load to capacity


solid fragments that come from the weathering of rock

warm front

the leading edge of a warm air mass

water table

the level below which the ground is completely saturated with water


a lowland area, such as a marsh or swamp, which is saturated with moisture

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