PA Dental Law Definitions


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The dental law which regulates the licensure of dentists and dental hygienists and the practice of dentistry and practice as a dental hygienist in this commonwealth
Board regulated practioner
A dentist, DH, public health DHP, or expanded function DA
Auxillary personnel
Persons who perform dental supportive procedures authorized by the act under the general or direct supervision of a dentist
Continuing education certificate
A document that contains the title of the course the dates attended and the hours of education completed
Coronal polishing
A procedure limited to the supra-gingival removal of light plaque and extrinsic stain from the expose natural and restored surfaces of teeth using a rotary instrument w a rubber cup or brush and polishing agent
Direct supervision
Supervision by a dentist, physically there
EFDA program
An expanded function DA program
Local anethesia
The examination of sensations/pain in one part of the body by regional injection of an anesthetic agent
Public health DHP
A licensed DH certified by Board and authorized to perform DH services w/o dentist
Sub-gingival agents
Therapeutic agents antimicrobials and antibiotics antiseptics anesthetics