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  1. Pubis
  2. TrP
  3. Rotators
  4. Circumduction
  5. Adductor Muscles
  1. a trigger point pattern of pain and referral
  2. b inferior bones of the pelvis, connected by the pubis symphysis
  3. c combination of flexion, extension, adduction and abduction to create a cone shaped movement, only at hip and shoulder
  4. d adduct the hip, close the legs
  5. e medially and laterally rotate the hip, rotation of the hip is the turning of the head of the femur bone in the Acetabulumn of the pelvis

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  1. turning of a head or ball inside of the socket (Acetabulum)
  2. bends a joint/brings bones closer together
  3. formed by the fusion of the ilium, ischium, and pubic bones
  4. abduct the hip, open the legs
  5. extend the hip and flex the leg at the knee

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  1. Originbends a joint/brings bones closer together


  2. Ischial Tuberosityinferior and posterior prominence of the ischium, attachment for hamstring muscles


  3. Actionthe movement caused by the contraction of a muscle


  4. Palpationwhere a muscle can be found by touch


  5. Sacrumanterior superior iliac spine