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  1. Coxal
  2. Rotation
  3. Extension
  4. PSIS
  5. Sacrum
  1. a opens a joint/straightens the joint
  2. b Connects with the posterior illium to form the sacroilliac joint
  3. c turning of a head or ball inside of the socket (Acetabulum)
  4. d posterior superior iliac spine
  5. e articulates with the head of the femur at the pelvic Acetabulum

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  1. extend the hip and flex the leg at the knee
  2. the coxal bones, the sacrum and the coccyx bones form the boney pelvis also called the pelvic girdle
  3. where a muscle can be found by touch
  4. known as "sacred" or "holy" bone
  5. flex the hip and extends the leg at the knee

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  1. Adductionbringing limb closer to the midline


  2. Coccyxarticulates with the head of the femur at the pelvic Acetabulum


  3. Origininferior bones of the pelvis, connected by the pubis symphysis


  4. Insertionbends a joint/brings bones closer together


  5. Pubisposterior superior iliac spine