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  1. Abductor Muscles
  2. Coccyx
  3. Posterior Muscles
  4. Rotation
  1. a fused small vertebrae curved anteriorly
  2. b abduct the hip, open the legs
  3. c turning of a head or ball inside of the socket (Acetabulum)
  4. d extend the hip and flex the leg at the knee

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  1. the movement caused by the contraction of a muscle
  2. posterior superior iliac spine
  3. where a muscle can be found by touch
  4. flex the hip and extends the leg at the knee
  5. formed by the fusion of the ilium, ischium, and pubic bones

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  1. Flexionbends a joint/brings bones closer together


  2. Abductionbringing limb closer to the midline


  3. Adductiontaking limb away from midline


  4. SacrumConnects with the posterior illium to form the sacroilliac joint


  5. Insertionthe point where a muscle attaches to a bone that moves during contraction