Course 21 Unit 2 3rd set

stensens duct
saliva duct of the parotid gland located on the inside of cheek near the maxillary second molar
whartons duct
saliva duct connected to the sub-mandibular gland located under the tongue
small ridges on the anterior surface of the roof of the hard palate behind the incisors
to place under anesthesia
facial muscle that compresses the cheeks and hold food between the teeth also retracts the corners of the mouth
blood vessels that carry blood from the capillaries to the lungs and back to the heart
hard palate
anterior portion of the roof of the mouth supported by a bone
tidal flows
volume or amount of air or gas needed by the lungs of an individual to sustain breathing
an individual who administers anesthetics
nitrous oxide
a gas used with oxygen to produce an analgesic or anesthetic effect