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  1. A pseudoscience is a:
  2. Psychology is formally defined as:
  3. Which area of psychology is most interested in examining individual differences and the characteristics that make each person unique?
  4. "Changes in the Brain with Age" would most likely be a journal article written by a psychologist who subscribes to the _____ perspective of psychology.
  5. Wilhelm Wundt:
  1. a fake or false science that is based on little or no scientific evidence
  2. b was a German physiologist
  3. c Biological
  4. d Personality psychology
  5. e The scientific study of behavior and mental processes

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  1. Clinical
  2. Developmental
  3. could not be used to study behavior in children or animals
  4. physiologists demonstrated that scientific methods could be applied to understanding human behavior and mental processes
  5. unconscious causes of behavior

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  1. A placebo is:a fake substance, treatment or procedure with no known direct effects


  2. Which famous Greek philosopher wrote extensively about such psychological topics as sleep and dreaming, the senses, memory, and learning?Aristotle


  3. In a double-blind study:both the subjects and the researcher who interacts with them are unaware of which subjects have been exposed to the independent variable


  4. Structuralism:a fake substance, treatment or procedure with no known direct effects


  5. In Robert Levine's research on the "pace of life" in 31 different countries, he measured the amount of time it took a pedestrian to walk 60 feet on a down town city street. this represented the:The invention of the fist computers in the 1950's