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  1. A placebo is:
  2. Descriptive research:
  3. Wilhelm Wundt:
  4. Joanna has suffered a series of personal setbacks, including the death of a family member, academic problems in college, and a divorce. she feels so sad, upset, and lonely that she is contemplating suicide. Joanna could probably best be helped by a(n)_____ psychologist
  5. A correlational study:
  1. a a fake substance, treatment or procedure with no known direct effects
  2. b typically answer the "who, what, where, when, how often" questions about behavior
  3. c was a German physiologist
  4. d Clinical
  5. e examines how strongly two variables are related to one another

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  1. Russian physiologist Ivan pavlov
  2. Carl Rogers
  3. free will, self-determination, psychological growth, and human potential
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Austrian physician Sigmund Freud

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  1. Professor Nelson wishes to investigate the relationship between stress and visits to the college mental health clinic. which of the following research methods would be most appropriate?a correlational study


  2. Case studies:are commonly used by clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals to develop a complete profile of a psychotherapy client


  3. How did Physiology contribute to the emergence of psychology as a separate scientific discipline?the study of consciousness


  4. A pseudoscience is a:fake or false science that is based on little or no scientific evidence


  5. Wilhelm Wundt defined psychology as:the study of consciousness