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  1. Wilhelm Wundt defined psychology as:
  2. a theory:
  3. Joanna has suffered a series of personal setbacks, including the death of a family member, academic problems in college, and a divorce. she feels so sad, upset, and lonely that she is contemplating suicide. Joanna could probably best be helped by a(n)_____ psychologist
  4. "I believe that consciousness should be studied to help us understand the functions of behavior." such a statement would most likely be made by:
  5. Descriptive research:
  1. a typically answer the "who, what, where, when, how often" questions about behavior
  2. b Clinical
  3. c William James
  4. d integrates and summarizes diverse findings on the same topic
  5. e the study of consciousness

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  1. Developmental
  2. Operational definition
  3. The invention of the fist computers in the 1950's
  4. A positive correlation
  5. Carl Rogers

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  1. "Changes in the Brain with Age" would most likely be a journal article written by a psychologist who subscribes to the _____ perspective of psychology.Biological


  2. Professor Nelson wishes to investigate the relationship between stress and visits to the college mental health clinic. which of the following research methods would be most appropriate?Developmental


  3. Psychoanalysis emphasized:behavior and mental processes have a cause or causes


  4. Psychology is formally defined as:The scientific study of behavior and mental processes


  5. A representative sample is a:group of subjects that closely parallels the larger group to be studied on all relevant characteristics, such as age, sex, and race