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  1. Behaviorism was characterized by:
  2. Which area of psychology is most interested in examining individual differences and the characteristics that make each person unique?
  3. Which famous Greek philosopher wrote extensively about such psychological topics as sleep and dreaming, the senses, memory, and learning?
  4. How did Physiology contribute to the emergence of psychology as a separate scientific discipline?
  5. Dr. Harmon wants to study the conditions under which some children are rejected by their peers. Daily, from the beginning of a school year, she carefully observes and records the behavior of kindergartners, first-graders, and second graders in the classroom and on the playground. Dr. Harmon is using:
  1. a Naturalistic Observation
  2. b Aristotle
  3. c physiologists demonstrated that scientific methods could be applied to understanding human behavior and mental processes
  4. d the rejection of consciousness as a topic psychology and a focus upon observable behavior
  5. e Personality psychology

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  1. free will, self-determination, psychological growth, and human potential
  2. Developmental
  3. a correlational study
  4. Critical thinking
  5. the type of psychotherapy used to treat depression

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  1. Descriptive research:was based on the idea that even our most complex conscious experiences could be broken down into basic mental "structures" of sensations and feelings


  2. "Changes in the Brain with Age" would most likely be a journal article written by a psychologist who subscribes to the _____ perspective of psychology.William James


  3. psychologists assume that:behavior and mental processes have a cause or causes


  4. Freud's landmark theory of personality became the basis of which perspective in contemporary psychology?Observation, measurement, and experimentation


  5. Case studies:are commonly used by clinical psychologists and other mental health professionals to develop a complete profile of a psychotherapy client


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