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American History Big Fat Notebook Chpt. 8


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Priests who aimed to convert native people to Catholicism.
An army of amateur solders, put together in a time of need.
The Albany Plan of Union (June 1754)
Benjamin Franklin presented this plan as the first formal attempt to unite the colonies
The French and Indian War
The first war that started in the colonies and spread to Europe.
British soldiers so called because of their official uniform of a bright red jacket.
Fur trading
What did many French colonists do for a living?
They traded with the Native Americans and did not settle on their land.
Why did the French get along better with the Native Americans than the English did?
His bravery at the start of the French and Indian War, at For Duquesne, made him famous.
How did George Washington become a hero in Virginia?
The French and Indian War became known as the Seven Years' War when it grew into a larger European conflict.
What is the difference between the French and Indian War and the Seven Year's War?
Organized ranks (walking in lines), usually wearing bright uniforms
What were the elements of the traditional European style of combat?
The treaty gave England all the French territory east of the Mississippi as well as the Spanish territory of Florida because Spain sided with France.
What were the terms of the Treaty of Paris?
He attempted to unit Native Americans against the British
How did Chief Pontiac respond to France's loss in the French and Indian War?