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Chain of Command 2014


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Commander In Chief
The Honerable Barrack H. Obama
Vice President
The Honorable Joseph R. Biden
Speaker of the House
The Honorable John A. Boehner
Secretary of Defence
The Honorable Chuck Hagel
Secretary of the Air Force
The Honerable Eric Fanning
Chairman of the Joint Cheif of Staff
General Martin E. Dempsey
Cheif of Staff of the Air Force
General Mark A. Welsh III
Cheif of State of the Army
General Raymond T. Odinero
Cheif of Naval Operations
Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert
Commandant of the Marine Corps
General James F. Amos
Commandant of the Coast Guard
Admiral Robert J. Papp
Cheif Master Sergent of the AirForce
CMSGT James A. Cody
Commander Air Education & Training(AETC)
Lt General David S. Fadok
Commander, Holm Center
Brigadier General Robert D. Thomas
Air Force Junior ROTC Director
Col Cameron L. Gilbert