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  1. Tumult Breeds Witch Hysteria
  2. Impact of FIW on Natives
  3. English justification for slavery
  4. Bacon's Rebellion
  5. Impact of FIW on French
  1. a black=bad, white=holy; already existed in W Indies; need cheap labor; didnt work w/ NA; not many whites willing
  2. b crises in MA; result of religious/economic changes; witchcraft accus. way to settle feuds; primary acc.: indep., old women
  3. c white encroach on land whether on winning/losing side
  4. d lose all land in NA/many colonies elsewhere
  5. e conflict bet. landless immigrants/dispossessed natives; low tobacco/high land prices; leader looks to VA gov for help; try to stop him, call him traitor; he burns Jamestown; no lasting effect

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  1. large plantations; either house servants(envied, better clothes, raped, not in sun, no intera. w/ others) or field hands (in sun all day, women took home of family after working)
  2. resistant to British control; had freedom, dont react well when B tell them what to do; get B to back off
  3. English philosopher/author challenged notion that humans have no role in fate (only God) w/out denying existence of God; believed in freedom/possibility of improving conditions of lives
  4. British/Iroquois v. French/natives; Fort Necessity expansion of war to Europe ; B > F; ambushed by F; 2/3 B troops die at FN (fails); England slow to react to colonists defending (have started war in Europe)
  5. founded as William Penn's "holy experiment"; diverse society: Quakers, all other religions; tolerant/center of commerce&culture; capital thriving port; mod. fees, punishm.,vote if free

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  1. Treaty of Parisimmense religious revival swept across Protestant world for renewal of Calvinist beliefs; from Europe; est. Puritan churches for tax support; Anglican problems: only half churches had reg. preachers; NJ first to be effected


  2. Sir Isaac Newtonfounded Pennsylvania; owed debt to father; intended to provide haven for Quakers, treat NA fairly, create progressive gov, make money (didnt); died of stroke in debtors prison


  3. Impact of FIW on Britishgain a lot of land/debt (from war); had to pay to keep soldiers in colonies; tax colonies to pay costs of empire; not prepared for colonise wanting freedom


  4. Impressmentsinvoluntary draft of B on colonists in F/I War


  5. Enlightenmentinvoluntary draft of B on colonists in F/I War


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