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  1. Hogshead
  2. Country Jakes
  3. Denunciation
  4. Tanner
  5. Destitute
  1. a Red Neck
  2. b A public condemnation
  3. c A person whose occupation is to tan hides/ work with leather
  4. d Barrel
  5. e Lacking possessions and resources; suffering extreme poverty

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  1. Characterized by enthusiasm and vigorous persuit
  2. Religious meeting
  3. Appealing for sympathy
  4. Without strain; pure
  5. Thin, bony, hollow-eyed and haggard from hunger

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  1. TaintTo contaminate morally; a trace of something bad or dishonorable


  2. ProbityFull suit of armor, ceremonial attire


  3. QuicksilverMercury


  4. TruculentA line of fishing


  5. FormidableCausing fear or dread; vastly superior or strong


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