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  1. Harrow
  2. Restive
  3. Asperity
  4. Formidable
  5. Bane
  1. a Harshness; severity
  2. b Teeth
  3. c Stubbornly resisting control; marked by impatience
  4. d Causing fear or dread; vastly superior or strong
  5. e A source of harm or ruin; a curse (antonym=boon)

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  1. Adverse because of hostility; enemy-like
  2. Act of atonement or reconciliation
  3. A fabric case for a matress
  4. Inclined to or exhibiting hostilityor combativeness
  5. Drunk

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  1. DemureTry, dare


  2. GauntThin, bony, hollow-eyed and haggard from hunger


  3. MalevolenceMarked by good will


  4. BeguileTo occupy the attention of; absorb; to make confused; bewildered


  5. ScintillatingEmitting sparks; brilliantly lively, stimulating or witty


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