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  1. Vagrant
  2. Faction
  3. Despondency
  4. Inveterate
  5. Base
  1. a A party or group that is often self-seeking
  2. b Firmly established by long persistence; confirmed in a habit
  3. c Hopeless, dejection
  4. d Morally low; mean-spirited; selfish
  5. e One who has not established residence and wanders idly

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  1. Habitually jolly
  2. With careful perseverance; diligent in pursuit
  3. Indistinct and vague
  4. Long lasting hostility between two or more parties
  5. Captains quarters

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  1. CoinageA figure of speech in which two essentially unlike things are compared, often in a phrase introduced by like or as


  2. GauntThin, bony, hollow-eyed and haggard from hunger


  3. HistrionicWhipping


  4. PetulantThin, bony, hollow-eyed and haggard from hunger


  5. Trot LineA line of fishing