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  1. Base
  2. Mortification
  3. Belligerent
  4. Amenable
  5. Blighted
  1. a Readily brought to yield or submit
  2. b A disease of plants that causes them to wither; something that frustrates plans or hopes; something that destroys; a deteriorated condition
  3. c Death of flesh
  4. d Inclined to or exhibiting hostilityor combativeness
  5. e Morally low; mean-spirited; selfish

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  1. A line of fishing
  2. A sudden, impulsive action
  3. One who has the power to settle or decide a dispute
  4. Showing no interest in action
  5. A fabric case for a matress

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  1. CapetThe family name of LouisXVI


  2. PilloriedTo expose to public scorn or ridicule


  3. IncredulousUnwilling to believe what is offered as true; skeptical


  4. VentureTry, dare


  5. PanoplyHaving an ancestry of carrel makers