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  1. Trot Line
  2. Ransack
  3. Palindrome
  4. Tight
  5. Insidious
  1. a Awaiting a chance to entrap; harmful but enticing
  2. b To search thoroughly
  3. c A word, phrase, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward (ex. racecar)
  4. d A line of fishing
  5. e Drunk

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  1. Rapidly changing series of pictures
  2. Examining a persons head to tell a fortune
  3. Flinch
  4. Harshness; severity
  5. Indirect suggestion casting suspicion

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  1. DispositionRuling with absolute power; exercising power tyrannically


  2. BefuddleBeing in someones business


  3. AdamantDashingly or carelessly unconventional; jaunty


  4. SimileCharacterized by easy flexibility and grace


  5. CleaveCharacterized by easy flexibility and grace