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  1. Candid
  2. Placidity
  3. Inveterate
  4. Temperance
  5. Languid
  1. a Serenely free of disturbance
  2. b Firmly established by long persistence; confirmed in a habit
  3. c Honest and sincere
  4. d Abstinence
  5. e Drooping from exhaustion; without life

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  1. A word, phrase, or sentence that reads the same backward or forward (ex. racecar)
  2. Sleep inducing
  3. To delay punishment; to give relief for a time
  4. A fabric case for a matress
  5. Harshness; severity

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  1. QuidA wad of something chewable


  2. BenevolentGracious, showing kindness and gentleness


  3. SandCrazy; mad


  4. FetidHaving a heavy offensive smell


  5. GauntCrazy; mad