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  1. Denunciation
  2. Anathemas
  3. Probity
  4. Tantalize
  5. Effrontery
  1. a A public condemnation
  2. b To tease or torment by presenting something desirable but keeping it out of reach
  3. c Complete honesty and integrity
  4. d Curses
  5. e Disrespectful and insulting boldness

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  1. Indirect suggestion casting suspicion
  2. One who has not established residence and wanders idly
  3. Suspenders
  4. Inclination
  5. Careless in apperance

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  1. PetulantExcessively thin and angular


  2. CircuitousHaving a circular or winding course


  3. HeathenA cultivating implement set with spikes, spring teeth, or disks and used primarily for pulverizing and smoothing the soil


  4. RansackTo search thoroughly


  5. AbominationA dreadful or immoral thing