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Sacraments unit 1

efficacious signs of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is dispensed to us
capable of producing a desired effect
symbol, reality
efficacious means the visible ____ actually brings about the spiritual ____ to which it points
a participation in the life of God
free and unmerited gift from God
grace is a...
actual grace
God's intervention in our lives that propels us towards goodness, helps us act and gives us strength, and helps us make right moral decisions
both Christians and non-Christians
actual grace is given to...
habitual grace
what we receive in sacraments that helps place us in a "state of grace" and makes us more habitual in keeping with God's call
(true or false) with habitual grace you are still capable of sin
sacramental grace
makes us more and more like Jesus
sacramental economy
an expression that means the communication or dispensation of the fruits of Christ's Paschal Mystery through celebration of the sacramental liturgy
a word that means "taking on human flesh"
the official public worship of the Church
sacraments, divine office
the ______ and the ______ ______ constitute te Chruch's liturgy
hypostatic union
the doctrine of faith that recognizes two natures in the one divine Person of Jesus Christ
the writers of the four gospels in the new testament
a hebrew name that means "god saves"
a hebrew name that means "anointed one"
the long prophesied savior that god would send to save people from their sins
primordial sacrament
a reference to Jesus as the prime sacrament because he points to god's love while at the same time he is God's love for us as he reconciles the world to his father
communion of saints
the unity in Christ of all those he has redeemed: the Church on earth, in Heaven, and in Purgatory
sacramental grace
a participation in the life and love of the trinity that comes to us through the sacraments
all the members of the church who have been initiated into the church through baptism and who are not ordained (the clergy) or in consecrated life
unbaptized people who are preparing to receive all of the sacraments of christian initiation
a greek word that means "study or instruction," a 2-3 year period of study about Jesus and the Christian faith
teachers of the faith, ordained ministers and laypeople who help make Christian disciples
rite of christian initiation for adults
the process by which anyone of catechetical age is initiated into the catholic church
rite of baptism of children
the process by which infants are initiated into the church and after which catechesis takes place gradually as the person grows
baptism of blood
the belief that martyrs - people who die for their faith in Jesus - receive forgiveness for their sins and experience God's saving mercy if they had not yet been baptized by water
literally "witnesses," someone who's been killed because of his or her faith
baptism of desire
the belief that catechumens who die before receiving the sacrament of baptism receive forgiveness for their sins and experience god's saving mercy
sacred chrism
blessed by a bishop, this perfumed oil is used for anointing in the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, and holy orders
prayerful rites in preparation for baptism that invoke god's help in overcoming the power of satan and the spirit of evil
original holiness and justice
the state of man and woman before sin
moral virtues
virtues acquired through human effort and with the help of God's grace
cardinal virtues
prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance
a sacred sign that resembles the sacraments
theological virtues
faith, hope, love
form of sacrament
words/prayers during a sacrament
matter of sacrament
physical sign of a sacrament
actual grace
grace for everyone
an example of a ______ sign is a medecine bottle that symbolizes healing
an example of a ______ sign is an owl that symbolizes knowledge
they direct us to God
why are sacraments like maps?
memorial, celebration, communion, transformation
list the four dimensions of all sacraments
a sacrament recalls or remembers some aspect of God's eternal love for us - and that he always has our best interest at heart
celebrates the richness of God's presence in our lives - involves objects, words, and actions that give worship and thanks to God
unites us with the blessed trinity and all the other members of the Church
each sacrament empowers and changes us so that we may live and act as Jesus and as Church
Jesus is an ________ sign
sacramental view of reality
God is present in, and speaks to us through, his creation and the events of our lives on earth
person performing the sacrament
baptism, confirmation, and eucharist
list the 3 sacraments of initiation
sacraments of healing
reconciliation and anointing of the sick
sacraments of service
marriage and holy orders - build up the church
an exchange of property, goods and services
______ created a family bond
what does the word "testament" mean?
a heresy which claimed that sacraments performed by unholy priests were not valid
God, priest
St. Augustine said sacraments derive their grace from _____, and the holiness of the ______ does not affect the validity of the sacrament
one, holy, catholic, and apostolic
4 marks of the church
baptism comes from _______ (a greek word)
to plunge or to immerse
what does baptism mean?
who did god save from the waters of death
john the baptist
who preached repentance from sin and urged people to become baptized as a way of showing their commitment to god's covenant
john the baptist
who baptized Jesus
a sect of Judaism particularly concerned with daily ritual washings, followed by a common meal, we aren't sure whether john the baptist was one
a pharisee and member of the jewish ruling council who asked Jesus how someone can be born when they are old
water, spirit, baptism
Jesus told Nicodemus that no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of ______ and ______ aka ____
go and baptize all nations
what did jesus tell the apostles
__________ is a pleadge of a clear conscience toward God, it saves us by the resurrection of Jesus Christ
indelible sign
it marks us permanently, we belong to Jesus and it cannot be repeated or withdrawn
sign of the cross, the word of god, exorcisms and profession of faith, blessing of the water, essential rite of baptism, anointing with sacred chrism, clothing in a white garment, lit candle
8 basic elements of the rite of baptism
the first announcement of the messiah and redeemer and of his ultimate victory over sin and death