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what hapenned when the holy spirit came at the beginning of acts two?

wind, tongues of fire, sounds from heaven

who was the 12th apostle that was added?


how many people were added to the number of believers?


why was the time and place right for the coming of the holy spirit?

people from every nation were gathered for pentecost

when does a person recieve the holy spirit?

when they repent and believe

what is the paradox concerning the sovereignty of God?

that God controls everything, but he also gives us free will

memory verse?

So that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.
-Acts 3:19b

what two things did the healing of the early Christian church have in common?

1) healed immediatly
2)healed in the name of Jesus

what does polytheistic mean?

worship many gods

what does gospel mean?

good news

what is the gospel?

God's news and word to us


something given freely to the poor

blotted out

completely wiped out


bringing agreemeent or promise

what three times during the day did jewish poeple stop for prayer?

morning, noon, evening

why would jewish people go to the temple to pray?

it was more effective

what are two reasons why miracles stopped or occured during those early days of the christian church?

1) gurantee of truth/power of Christ
2) expectancy

what is the secret to the christian life?

christ in me

what does repent mean?

change in mind that throws away old sin and makes a new heart

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