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Is the number of cars going up or down?
number of cars in my town - up/down
Is the population going up or down?
population of my town - up/down
Is your English getting better or worse?
my English - better/worse
Is the quality of food you eat getting higher or lower?
quality of food - high/low
Are the days getting longer or shorter?
days - long/short
Is you national football team getting better or worse?
national football team - better/worse
Is the city getting cleaner or dirtier?
city - clean/dirty
Are the streets getting busier or quieter?
streets - busy/quiet
Is your job / Are your studies getting more or less interesting?
your job / studies - more/less interesting
Is your salary getting bigger or smaller?
my salary - bigger/smaller
Is public transport getting better or worse?
public transport - better/worse
Is life getting easier or harder?
life - simpler/more complicated
Is the price of smartphones going up or down?
price of smartphones - up/down
Is the government getting better or worse?
government - better/worse
Is the education system getting better or worse?
education system - better/worse
Are winters getting warmer or colder?
winters - warm/cold
Is the price of milk going up or down?
price of milk - up/down
Is your memory getting better or worse?
your memory - better/worse
Is the quality of life getting better or worse?
quality of life in my town - better/worse
Are summers getting wetter or dryer?
summers - wet/dry
Are you getting fitter or fatter?
me - fit/fat
Is the Earth getting warmer or cooler?
the Earth - warmer/cooler
Is the world getting safer or more dangerous?
the world - safer/more dangerous
Is the amount of time you spend online going up or down?
the amount of time you spend online - up/down