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Cold environments interdependence

The variety of life in the world or a particular habitat.
Fragile environment
An environment that is both easily disturbed and difficult to restore if disturbed.
Plant communities
in fragile areas have evolved in highly specialised ways to deal with challenging conditions. As a result, they cannot tolerate environmental changes.
mutually dependent; depending on each other. In cold environments the plants, animals and people have a delicate balance for life offered by the harsh climate, the permafrost and the soils.
Indigenous people
Tend to inhabit slightly warmer coastal areas where the fish and hunt for fish, whales and even sharks for food and blubber and oils.
Vuntut Gwitchin
have established themselves along the migration route of the Porcupine Caribou herd, and they take only sustainable numbers during their hunting period.
in cold environments can be migratory, moving to escape the harshest conditions of winter
Polar Bear
Example of an Arctic consumer - carnivore
Caribou Moss
Example of an Arctic producer
Arctic Hare
Example of a primary consumer - herbivore
Biodiversity in tundra environments is low
because temperatures and precipitation are both LOW, decomposition only happens slowly, the soil is also frozen and in winter there is permanent darkness