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What are the 3 joints at the elbow?
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What is the closed-packed position for the humeralulnar joint?Full extention and supinationWhat ligament positions the radius on the ulnar during pronation?Annular ligamentWhich has more movement; radial or ulnar deviation?Ulnar deviation due to lack of bony block.Limits in internal rotation causes an increase in ____ ?PronationWhen are the scaphoid and capitate in close-packed position?Neutral wristWhat is closed packed position of the wrist?Full extensionPrimary wrist flexors?Palmaris longus, flexor carpi ulnaris and radialisUlnar artery and nerve run through ____ ?Guyon's canalWhat is Dorsal Intercalated Segment Instability (DISI)?Gapping between scaphoid and capitateWhat is the anti-deformity position of the hand?MCP slight flexion; IP extension; Thumb CMC abductionWhat is an example of precision handling?Holding a pencilWhat is the best way to rule out elbow fracture?Elbow extension test (Sn: 97%)If there is a fracture of the proximal radius, what artery nd nerve would be of concern?Radial artery and nerveWhat is the elbow ossification sequence?CRITOE C: capitulum R: radial head I: internal (medial) epicondyle T: trochlea O: olecranon E: external (lateral) epicondyleIn what type of radial head fracture is fixation needed?Type IIWhat is the main force in the elbow with late cocking?Valgus forceWhat are myositis ossificans?Bone formed in the muscle due to trauma.What is a nightstick fracture?Midpoint of ulnaWhat is a monteggia fracture?Proximal ulna, dislocated radial headWhat is a galeazzi fracture?Distal radius, dislocated ulnar head from wristWhat is a stage 2 elbow dislocation?Anterior capsule disruption, coronoid perched on trochleaWhat is the terrible triad?elbow dislocation, coronoid head fx, radial head fx