Neuro Week 7

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How often do people have strokes?
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What is a coup-contra coup injury?When brain hits front of the skull then hits the back of the skull, resulting in brain bruises at both ends.What is anterograde amnesia? Retrograde?Loss of ability to form new memories; Loss of ability to remember past events.People with TBI diagnoses had what percent of Vo2max as compared to their age and gender counterparts?76%What best describes someone in a vegetative state?Aroused but unaware.What best describes a coma?Neither aroused or aware.How do you determine when someone is a vegetative v a coma?Use Coma Recovery Scale (revised)What are four categories of symptoms for concussion?Thinking, Physical, Emotion, SleepBrain tumors are most likely to be primary or secondary?Secondary70% of tumors are found where for adults?SupratentorialWhere are most tumors found in children?Infratentorial