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The chapter introduction tells the story of the Battle of Bunker Hill to make the point that

a key question in that battle and throughout the war was whether Americans would really fight to win their independence.

During the first year of the Revolution, American war aims shifted from a desire for redress of grievances to a demand for complete independence. All of the following influenced this shift EXCEPT

Washington's refusal to command the Continental Army until independence was declared

The Declaration of Independence based the case for independence on

George III's infringements on American liberty

What was the most dominant common characteristic among the diverse group of people who remained loyal to Britain?

They were fearful of divisions and instability within American society.

Congress appointed Washington commander-in-chief of the newly-created Continental Army for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

his wealth and political connections.

Most republican leaders wanted

"citizen-soldiers" to form the backbone of the common defense.

After evacuating Boston, the British army took the initiative, launching a successful assault on

New York City.

British occupation of New York and Philadelphia

strengthened support for the rebellion.

All of the following describe the American relationship with the French EXCEPT that

the Americans negotiated a treaty with the British, and then persuaded their French allies to go along.

Which of the following best explains the reason for French involvement in the American Revolution?

Hungry for revenge, they feared the Americans would reconcile with Britain, their historic enemy.

The Continental Army

mutinied in 1781 and marched on Philadelphia, demanding better food and clothing as well as back pay.

The war for independence had what impact on most Native Americans?

European and American efforts to force them to choose sides in the conflict generally divided and weakened their economic and political power.

he British believed the war could be won in the South for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

for the hatred of New England throughout the region.

What was the role of African Americans in the Revolution?

Americans generally avoided arming blacks, and the British failed to take sufficient advantage of slaves as a potential resource

Which is the best statement of why the British signed the Peace Treaty granting American independence?

The timing of the occasional American victories led to a global situation where the British needed to salvage the rest of their empire by cutting their American losses.

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