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why plants are green
process of converting sunlight into energy
gas that plants absorb
gas that plants release
Oxygen (O)
examples of nonvascular plants
mosses, liverworts, hornworts
2 subgroups of vascular plants
seedless, and seed plants
2 types of seed plants
1) gymnosperms 2) anglosperms
4 types of seedless plants
ferns, club mosses, horsetails, whisk ferns
flowering plants
examples of gymnosperms
ginkgo, ephedra, conifers, cycads
importance of nonvascular seedless plants
make soil
nonvascular seedless plants do not have...
roots, stems, or leaves
vascular seedless plants importance
prevent erosion
vascular seed plants part of seed
seed coat, food, plant
gymnosperms use for humans
building materials
nonvascular plant (define)
a plant without tubing
a root-like structure in nonvascular plants
moss (label 4 parts)
spore capsule, stalk, leaf-like structure, rhizoid
in a fern, the frond is like the _________
define vascular plant
a plant with tubing
define spore
a reproductive cell
label fern
frond (leaf), spores, fiddlehead
define gymnosperm
woody, vascular seed plant without fruit
pine cone
female, where seeds are located
difference between gymnosperm and angiosperm seeds
angiosperms are surrounded (cone), gymno is not
six steps of angiosperm sexual reproduction
1) pollination, 2) pollen tube grows, 3) fertilization, 4) ovule develops into a seed, 5) ovary becomes a fruit, 6) germination
A fine dust that contains the sperm of seed-producing plants
The transfer of pollen from male reproductive structures to female reproductive structures in plants
Male reproductive organ
A leaflike structure that encloses the bud of a flower.
The female reproductive part of a flower
the part of a stamen that contains the pollen.
plant ovary
A female reproductive organ in plants that produces ovules; located at the base of the pistil, it is where fertilized pollen grains grow

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