Drugs Exam 2: Chapter 2

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why is drug use a more serious problem today than in the past? (10)
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1. widespread
2. drugs are much stronger
3. drug use is very popular
4. kids are experimenting with drugs at younger age
5. media and advertising
6. greater availability
7. lower cost
8. destroying lives of young men and women
9. major factor in crime rate
10. drug users (7 out of 10) work full time meaning serious accidents
theory that labeling people for who they are and theory potential can make them more or less likely to become addicted to drugslabeling theorysocial influence theories encompass what theories? (4)1. social learning theory 2. subculture theory 3. media influences 4. labeling theorywhat are protective factors against adolescent risk factors for drug abuse? (4)1. strong positive family bonds 2. parental monitoring 3. clear rules of conduct that are consistent 4. success in school, strong bonds withinwhat are negative or opposing factors that promos adolescent risk factors for drug abuse? (3)1. poor and negative family bonds 2. little parental monitoring 3. unclear rules 4. hard times in schoolwhat are major risk factors for adults to use drugs? (4)1. disappointment when life's expectations are not met or unattainable goals 2. retirement (loss of meaningful role) 3. boredom with daily routines 4. death of loved ones