Lectures 6-12

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the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has been increasing by ~__ ppmv/year over the last decade
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Sea ice that builds up and melts again in the same seasonSeasonal sea icePortion of the earth where water is iceCryosphereHuge continent-sized glaciers that build up on land over 1000's of years and flow outward under their own weightIce sheetsOldest ice in the Antarctic is ~_______ years old1 million y/othe largest body of ice in the northern hemisphere is the _________Greenland Ice SheetThe ________ contains most of the ice on EarthAntarctic Ice SheetFloating extensions of ice sheets are called _______Ice shelvesRelative to the antarctic, ice loss appears to have accelerated in _____ antarcticaWestTwo main causes of rising ocean levels are...1) Ocean warming 2) Melting land iceDegree to which a system is affected, either adversely or beneficiallySensitivityAbility of a system to adapt to climate change to moderate potential damageAdaptive capacityDegree to which a system is susceptible to adverse effects of climate changeVulnerabilitySmall particles or droplets in the atmosphere, usually on scale of microns. Can be volcanic, airborne dust, soot etc.AerosolsAerosols in the atmosphere have a net heating/cooling effectcoolingReflectivity of a surface, expressed as a fraction of the total incident solar radiationAlbedoNatural sources of energy that cannot be replaced at a rate that sustains consumptionNon-renewable energy sourcesName the four examples of non-renewable energy sourcesCoal, petroleum, natural gas, oil sands