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  1. energy level
  2. mixture
  3. elements
  4. compound
  5. polyatomic ion
  1. a building blocks of matter
  2. b made of two or more elements that are chemically combined
  3. c a region around the nucleus in which electrons are found
  4. d two or more substances not chemically combined
  5. e ions made of more than 1 atom

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  1. a well tested idea that explains a wide range of observations
  2. force of attraction that holds atoms together
  3. have one valence electron
  4. vertical row on the periodic table
  5. includes the symbol for the element and its valence electrons

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  1. noble gasbuilding blocks of matter


  2. ionic bondforce of attraction that holds atoms together


  3. magnesiumalkaline earth metal


  4. transition metalshave one valence electron


  5. valence electronsformed when atoms share electrons