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POS Exam 2

Each state has --- senators elected every -- years.
two, six
The process of allotting congressional seats to each state according to its proportion of the population.
The constitutional convention resulted in what form of legislature?
Over the past century, partisan polarization has --- along with ---.
Increased; income inequality
Members of Congress differ from the larger American population in that they are disproportionately...
White, upper middle class, middle aged, and male.
A special committee created to reconcile differences in bills passed by the House and Senate.
Conference Committee.
Pork legislation may aid the district of a member of congress by...
Increasing jobs and revenue with federally funded projects.
Successful members of congress share the same policy interests as voters, according to the...
delegate model of representation.
The only formal method for ending a filibuster, and requires the approval of ----- senators.
cloture, sixty.
On average, each member of the House represents ---- voters.
What best explains the overwhelming advantage incumbents possess in seeking relection over opposition candidates?
name recognition, access to media, and franking privilege.
Which statement is true of the House of Representatives?
Members are elected every two years and apportioned to states based on population.
What occurs during the appropriations process?
Congress grants funds to federal agencies and programs.
A rise in party unity is indicative of
Low bipartisanship levels.
How have Americans rated members of Congress in recent years?
Individual members of Congress rate slightly higher than congress as a whole, but approval ratings are at an all time low.
True true leader of the Senate is the ---, elected by majority party.
Majority leader.
What demonstrates the Founder's desire to insulate the Senate from popular displeasure?
Terms of six years, with ONE third of seats open for election every two years.
In the house of representatives, the --- decides who will speak on the floor and rules on points of order.
According to the trustee model of representation, legislators are---
Trusted by their constitutions because they are natives of their home districts.
Which statement best characterizes the hearing process of a formal bill?
Most formal bills receive a hearing, but few are marked up and sent to the floor.
Which of the following groups would be most likely to have influence over non-idealogical legislation?
Congressional staff and colleagues in Congress.
Which is an example of logrolling in Congress?
Supporting a bill in exchange for support of one's own bill.
What is the typical trajectory of a bill in the House of Representatives?
Introduction, committee referral, subcommittee, full committee report, rules committee, full House vote, conference committee, send do President.
--- is a good example of Congressional casework.
Assistance to a constituent in obtaining a Social Security check.
In which event was there congressional oversight?
A --- is one tactic to signal the leadership that a Senate member may have objections to a bill.
Charged with the responsibility to ---- the --- is almost certainly the most powerful committee in either chamber of Congress.
grant and set procedural rules, House Committee on Rules
Which statement about incumbency is most accurate?
Incumbents have a huge advantage in reelection.
Which example best demonstrates a legislator acting as a trustee of his or her constituency?
A legislator considers public opinion, refining it with information and careful thought.
A lobbyist for the NRA would be most effective when targeting a legislator...
Whose voting behavior SUPPORTS gun control.
Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between Congress and the Judiciary?
Congress must be increasingly mindful of the Supreme Court's reaction when it enacts new laws for the nation.
One example of the Framer's intent to insulate the Senate from the tyranny of the majority was to...
Have members appointed by their respective state legislatures.
Which one of the powers listed below is a constitutional power that the president shares with the Senate?
Making treaties.
Which institutional resource is closest to the president?
White House staff
Historically, vice presidential candidates are chosen to
Politically balance the ticket.
Congress can remove a president through
What has to happen in Congress before the president can be impeached?
The House and Senate must both have a two-thirds majority.
Which executive power was intended as a "qualified negative" by the Framers?
The power to veto.
According to the Constitution, how is the president supposed to be elected?
election through the Electoral College.
Which best describes the president's constitutional duty to Congress?
The president must give Congress an occasional update on the state of the union.
What role does a president play when celebrating a national holiday?
Chief of state.
Which presidential power gives the president the ability to control what happens inside departments and agencies during their terms and to shape the federal judiciary (including Supreme Court) far into the future?
Presidents with high levels of--- have an easier time influencing Congress, while those with low levels find influencing Congress more difficult.
Public approval
Which is a group of presidential advisers? This group is too large and diverse to serve as a collective board.
The White House Staff.
How might presidents use their powers of persuasion in the legislative process?
In leading public opinion to support their policy agendas.
Why does the perception of a mandate matter in presidential politics?
Because modern presidents are more dependent on the people for election and more involved in policy making than early presidents, they are prone to claim the mandate of the people when governing.
Which of the following statements best characterizes the nature of the conflict between presidents and Congress?
The conflict is integral to the design of the Constitution, deliberately intended by the authors.
Which of the following leadership abilities is critical to presidential success?
Ability to persuade members of Congress and the American Public.
When mighty citizens be particularly concerned about an expansion of presidential power?
When they oppose the president's agenda.
The --- is the departments, agencies, and officers within the executive branch that perform the functions of government.
Under the spoils system, who was awarded jobs in the federal bureaucracy?
Those who helped candidates win election.
---- are rules created by government agencies that determine how laws are implemented.
-----Refers to the authority of administrators int he federal bureaucracy to make choices concerning the best way to implement policies.
Cabinet secretaries are appointed by --- and confirmed by----
President, senate,
What is implementation?
The process by which a law or policy is put into practice.
How does congress exercise control over agencies and departments in the federal bureaucracy?
By issuing executive orders.
Which of the following is a function of departments and agencies within the federal bureaucracy?
Implementing public policies.
Which of the following is an example of an independent executive agency?
What is the main purpose served by government corporations?
Providing services not fully trusted to the private sector.
What is the major purpose of an independent regulatory commission?
To regulate commerce.
What role is the Environmental Protection Agency taking when it sets limits on air pollution from power plants?
While the president has the authority to appoint and remove agency heads and other top bureaucrats, Congress as the authority to...
Refuse the appropriate funds for certain programs.
Under what circumstances are bureaucrats most likely to exercise discretion?
When an agency is implementing a law that contains ambiguity.
In which institutional resource are leaders both appointed by the president and approved by the Senate?
The Cabinet
Which of these became an official presidential qualification in 1951?
A maximum of two terms.
The use of --- in foreign matters is an example of the president acting as a global leader.
Executive agreements.
Which is one of the reasons that power and responsibility of the presidency has grown?
The United States became a world power.
In which way do modern presidents differ from the original intentions of the Framers of the Constitution?
Modern presidents are much more influential in the legislative process than the Framers originally intended?
How is a vice presidential vacancy filled?
The president appoints a new vice president, to be approved by Congress.
What was the turning point that gave rise to the modern institutional presidency?
The economic and social turmoil of the Great Depression.
Why was the wars powers resolution adopted by congress?
To reinvigorate the role of Congress in the conduct of war.
The Administrative Procedures Act states that agencies must take what step before issuing new rules and reuglations?
They most solicit public comments.
How did Americans' attitudes about the role of government change as a result of the Great Depression and Roosevelt's new deal?
People became more accepting of the federal government's role in economic policy.
How do government corporations differ from private companies?
Government corporations cannot sell stock, whereas private companies can.
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Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt.
Persian/Farsi Language:
Smallest land area: