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British Literature Unit 7 BJUP

Thomas Carlyle
Sartor Resartus, On Heros, Past and Present
John Newman
The Tamworth Reading Room
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
The Poet, In Memoriam, Morte d'Arthur, Ulysses, Crossing the Bar
Robert Browning
Prospice, Home Thoughts from Abroad
Matthew Arnold
Dover Beach
Christina Rossetti
Long Barren, Uphill
Lewis Carroll
The Alice Books
Thomas Hardy
The Darkling Thrush, The Respectable Burgher, The Three Strangers
Gerald Manley Hopkins
Pied Beauty, God's Grandeur
A. E. Housman
When I Was One and Twenty, To An Athlete Dying Young, Eight O'clock, They Say My Verse Is Sad
Francis Thompson
The Kingdom of God
Rudyard Kipling
The Conversion of Aurelian McGoggin