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Rock found in space, orbiting the Sun, can cross into a planet's atmosphere
seen as a quick streak of light in the sky (shooting star)
Piece of a meteor that has not burned completely and landed on a planet.
this part of the comet always points away from the Sun
Natural satellite that orbits the earth.
Smaller solar bodies that orbit the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Made up of rock and metal. Similar to comets but they do not have a visible coma or a tail.
A star that is in the center of our solar system. And is the ultimate source of light necessary for life.
an object in the solar system that is made of ice, dust, rock, and gas that develops a tail when it approaches the sun
Halley's Comet
an object made of ice, dust, rock and gas that is visible to Earth every 76 years
a large object in space, such as Earth, that orbits a star, such as the sun
a force that attracts objects to one another
asteroid belt
found between Mars and Jupiter
light year
the time it takes light to travel in one year; the way scientists measure distance in space
irregular galaxy
a galaxy with no defined shape
Milky Way
the galaxy in which we live
Spiral Galaxy
The type of galaxy we live in with arms that wind out.
Collects light from stars and separates it into bands of colors depending on the composition of the star.
Optical Telescope
Collects visible light and uses convex lenses or mirrors to produce brighter images of objects in space.
Radio Telescope
Receives radio waves emitted from objects in space including stars and galaxies which are then used to produce images of the objects from sound waves.
Space Probe
Travels out of Earth's orbit to explore places too dangerous to astronomers.
Objects placed in orbit around Earth with special instruments and telescopes to collect information while not being hampered by earth's atmosphere.

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