Gross anatomy Final Muscles of Deep Posterior leg

Muscles of deep posterior leg?
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nerve supply of flexor digitorum longus?tibial nerveorigin of flexor hallucis longus?shaft of the fibula; interosseous membraneinsertion of flexor hallucis longus?distal phalanx of digit 1action of flexor hallucis longus?flexes digit 1, plantar flexes the foot, supports medial longitudinal arch of the footnerve supply of flexor hallucis longus?tibial nervetendon of insertion of tibialis posterior passes behind what?medial malleolusorigin of the tibialis posterior?shaft of the fibula and tibia; interosseous membraneinsertion of the tibialis posterior?navicular, cuneiforms, cuboid, 2nd/3rd/4th metatarsalsaction of the tibialis posterior?inversion of foot, plantar flexion of foot, supports medial longitudinal arch of footnerve supply of the tibialis posterior?tibial nerveThe tibial nerve is the smaller/larger and more medial/lateral of the two terminal branches of the sciatic nervelarger; medialthe tibial nerve crosses the _______________ _________________, superficial to the popliteal artery and veinpopliteal fossain the leg, the tibial nerve descends deep to the ___________ and passes behind the ___________ ____________, between the tendons of which muscles?soleus; medial malleolus; between flexor digitorum and flexor hallucis longusas the tibial nerve enters the plantar surface of the foot, it divides into what?medial and lateral plantar nervessegmental innervation of the tibial nerve?L4-S3Branches of the tibial nerve?motor supply to posterior leg muscles, sural nerve, medial calcaneal, articularBranch of the tibial nerve is the motor supply to ______________ leg musclesposteriorbranch of the tibial nerve supplying skin on most of the posterior aspect of the leg and lateral plantar aspect of the footsural nervebranch of the tibial nerve which is a cutaneous branch supplying the skin over the calcaneal tuberosity (heel)medial calcanealbranch of the tibial nerve is the articular supply to the ___________ and ___________ jointsknee; anklewhy is the tibial nerve not commonly injured?protected position in the popliteal fossa and posterior leghow can the tibial nerve be damaged?deep laceration in posterior leg or by posterior dislocation of knee jointif tibial nerve is damaged or compromised, what may occur?unable to flex toes, weakened plantar flexion, weakened inversion of footdamage of the tibial nerve causes loss of sensation where?posterior aspect of the leg and plantar surface of the footposterior tibial artery is the larger/smaller of the two terminal branches of the popliteal arterylargerwhich artery provides blood supply to the posterior leg compartments and the plantar surface of the foot?posterior tibial arterythe posterior tibial artery descends deep to the soleus with the __________ nerve and passes behind the medial malleolustibialas the posterior tibial artery enters the plantar surface of the foot, it divides into the:medial and lateral plantar arteriesthe __________________ ___________ is the largest and most important branch of the posterior tibial arteryfibular arterythe fibular artery descends along the fibula and supplies the muscles of the _____________________ ________________ and _______________ ___________, as well as giving off nutrient branches to the _____________deep posterior; lateral leg compartment; fibulaWhat is a condition in which there's a narrowing or occlusion of the posterior tibial artery and/or its branches?peripheral arterial diseasewhat condition is suspect for a pulse of the posterior tibial artery?peripheral arterial diseasea pulse of the posterior tibial artery is taken where?behind the medial malleolusabsence or diminished pulse is considered to be a sign of what condition?peripheral arterial diseasesymptoms of peripheral arterial disease?painful leg cramps and pain developing during walking (usually disappears with rest)