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  1. Dictator
  2. Artifacts
  3. Civilization
  4. Franchise
  5. Artisan
  1. a The right to vote.
  2. b Highly organized societies with complex institutions and attitudes that link a large number of people together.
  3. c Material objects shaped by human beings or the hominids who preceded them.
  4. d An absolute ruler.
  5. e Skilled craft workers.

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  1. Characterized by belief in the equality of all people.
  2. To treat cruelly; torment.
  3. Clerk who read and wrote for those who could not do so themselves.
  4. Form of government that unites different territories and peoples under one ruler.
  5. Persons of noble or 'honorable' rank or birth.

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  1. ConspiratorA person who joins in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act.


  2. MonarchyA family, society, community, or state governed by women.


  3. PatronageMaking appointments to government jobs or the power to grant other political favors.


  4. MercenaryTerm for kingdom; a form of government headed by a king or queen.


  5. CultureExchange of one commodity or service for another.