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  1. Dentinoenamel junction (DEJ)
  2. Labial commissures
  3. Frontonasal process
  4. Philtrum
  5. inferior and anterior
  1. a __________ is located in the midline of the face and forms from the medial nasal prcesses.
  2. b _____ ______is derived from the basement membrane between the enamel organ and dental papilla.
  3. c Facial development begins in the 4th week and involves all 3 embryonc layers. Overall growth of the face is in an ________ _____ ________ direction in relationship to the cranial base.
  4. d The _______ _______ are located at the corners of the mouth.
  5. e ______ _______is a swelling that appears over the developing brain and forms the forehead.

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  1. In order to differntiate into preameloblasts, cells from the enamel organ ___________their nuclei.
  2. ____________ is enlarged as a result of the disintegration of the oropharyngeal membrane.
  3. lacrimal tissue.
  4. Mandibular processes form the mandibular arch aka first branchial arch.
  5. During the 4th week a cartilage forms within each side of the first branchial arch and is called _______ _________. A portion of this cartilage participates in the formation of the middle ear bones.

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  1. Embryonic periodThe dental papilla will produece the future dentin and pulp tissue for the ______ ______ of the tooth.


  2. 4th weekInitiation stage of the tooth. Development of the palatal shelves which fuse and form the secondary palate.


  3. UvulaThe__________is completed during week 12.


  4. preameloblastsThe _____________ partially separates the nasal and oral cavities in the 5th week.


  5. Dentin, pulp and cementumThe ______ _______ will produce the future dentin and pulp tissue for the inner portion of the tooth.