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  1. External ear
  2. 5th week
  3. Fusion of the two palatal shelves
  4. 12th week
  1. a Intermaxillary segment is initially formed during the _____ _____ by internally fusion of the paired medial nasal processes, which will grow inferiorly on the inside of the stomodeum. Intermaxillary segment gives rise to the primary palate.
  2. b Completion of the fusion of the nasal septum, and the nasal and oral mucosa are formed.
  3. c The_____ ______ is posterior to the zygomatic arch.
  4. d _______________with the primary palate is dependent on the change in the position of the tongue.

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  1. Facial development begins in the _______ ________ and invoves all 3 embryonic layers. Overall growth of the face is in an inferior and anterior direction in relationship to the cranial base.
  2. The _____ ____ is characterized by increased cellular differentiation.
  3. The _____________ is the fusion of the 2 mandibular processes.
  4. Palatine tonsillar tissue is derived from the ________ _________ ______.
  5. Compared to active eruption of a permanent ______ ______, the shedding of the associated primary tooth is intermittent.

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  1. 2nd weekNow we see the mesoderm differentiate and begin to divide into paired cuboidal aggregates of cells called somites.


  2. Thyroid cartilage______ _________ is formed if the palatal shelves are unable to fuse properly during prenatal development.


  3. 6th weeklacrimal tissue.


  4. HERSThe _______ is part of the soft palate.


  5. Dental papilla_____ _______allows the fusion of swellings or tissue from different surfaces of the embryo.