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  1. Sulcus Terminalis
  2. Mucogingival Junction
  3. Laryngopharynx
  4. Neural tube
  5. 3rd week
  1. a The spinal cord develops from the _____ ______.
  2. b The ______________ is not visible in any portion on intraoral examination.
  3. c ______ _______separates the base from the body of the tongue.
  4. d oropharyngeal membrane forms.
  5. e _____ ____marks the line between attached gingiva and the alveloar mucosa.

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  1. Intermaxillary segment is initially formed during the _____ _____ by internally fusion of the paired medial nasal processes, which will grow inferiorly on the inside of the stomodeum. Intermaxillary segment gives rise to the primary palate.
  2. Tongue begins to form as tuberculum impar.
  3. The primitive streak forms within the bilaminar disc. This furrowed, rod-shaped thickening in the middle of the disc results from an increased proliferation of cells in the midline area.
  4. Compared to active eruption of a permanent ______ ______, the shedding of the associated primary tooth is intermittent.
  5. The ____ _____forms at the same time as the palate.

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  1. 4th weeklacrimal tissue.


  2. Forehead____________ is enlarged as a result of the disintegration of the oropharyngeal membrane.


  3. Oral epitheliumDental Lamina develops from the ________ ________.


  4. Meckel's cartilage_____ ____are composed of sebum from sebaceous tissue.


  5. Thyroid cartilageThe _____ _____ can be palpated in the anterior midline of the neck.