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  1. medial nasal processes
  2. Neural plate
  3. Depression
  4. 11th week
  5. Cellular differentiation
  1. a The embryonic period is characterized by increased ____ ____.
  2. b taste buds are starting to form.
  3. c Philtrum is located in the midline of the face and forms from the
  4. d A _______________results in the deepest part of each tooth bud of dental lamina and forms a cap, or enamel organ.
  5. e _________________differentiates in the 3rd week.

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  1. _________ _____is derived from ectoderm as a result of embryonic folding.
  2. the final lingual papillae (filiform papillae) begin to form.
  3. The _______ _______ are located at the corners of the mouth.
  4. ____________ of embryo causes endoderm to be on the inside of the embryo.
  5. The lower face will develop from the ______ ______.

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  1. External earThe_____ ______ is posterior to the zygomatic arch.


  2. Fordyce's spots_____ ____are composed of sebum from sebaceous tissue.


  3. Mucogingival JunctionForamen secum is the beginning of the _______ _______.


  4. EctomesenchymeThe oral epithelium grows deeper into the _______________ and is induced to produce a layer called the dental lamina.


  5. 4th weekBud stage