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  1. Hollow tube
  2. 5th week
  3. 10 buds
  4. 4th week
  1. a The body of the tongue begins to form.
  2. b Frontonasal process forms and the Placodes begin to develop.
  3. c the beginnings of the embryo's ______ ________ are derived from the anterior portion of the foregut.
  4. d _______ ____in the dental lamina appear along each dental arch during odontogenesis of the primary dentition.

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  1. Bilaminar embryonic disc is developed from the blastocyst.
  2. The tooth germ is comprised of 3 embryological structures: the _______ _______, ______ _______ and _______ _____.
  3. The lower face will develop from the ______ ______.
  4. The____ _____ ____ of tissue appearing inferior to the stomodeum, and including the mandibular arch, are branchial arches.
  5. Formation of the forgut, the midgut and the hindgut.

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  1. 3rd weekNeural plate differentiates in the _____ ____.


  2. EctomesenchymeThe oral epithelium grows deeper into the _______________ and is induced to produce a layer called the dental lamina.


  3. 11th weekthe final lingual papillae (filiform papillae) begin to form.


  4. 6th weekThe lingual papillae are beginning to form.


  5. PalateBy the end of the 1st week, the ____________ stops traveling and undergoes implantation.