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  1. Spinal cord
  2. Secondary palate
  3. Dentinoenamel junction (DEJ)
  4. Fordyce's spots
  5. 3rd week
  1. a cephalic end and caudal end forms.
  2. b The _______ _______develops from the neural tube.
  3. c _____ ____are composed of sebum from sebaceous tissue.
  4. d The _______ _______ will give rise to the posterior 2/3rds of the hard palate.
  5. e _____ ______is derived from the basement membrane between the enamel organ and dental papilla.

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  1. The____ _____ ______is a midline depression on the dorsal surface of the tongue.
  2. linea alba is located on the ________ ________.
  3. the facial muscles are beginning to migrate over the 1st branchial arch. Mandibular muscles masses start to organize into the muscles of mastication.
  4. taste buds are completed and the final stages of odontogenesis.
  5. The primitive streak forms within the bilaminar disc. This furrowed, rod-shaped thickening in the middle of the disc results from an increased proliferation of cells in the midline area.

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  1. PreameloblastsThe _____________ partially separates the nasal and oral cavities in the 5th week.


  2. PlacodesLens, octic and nasal


  3. Nasal alaThe _____ _____ is located laterally to each naris.


  4. Sublingual folds______ _____Is located on the buccal mucosa.


  5. 2nd weekNow we see the mesoderm differentiate and begin to divide into paired cuboidal aggregates of cells called somites.