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  1. Differentiate
  2. 3rd week
  3. 4th week
  4. Labial commissures
  5. Frontonasal process
  1. a Tongue begins to form as tuberculum impar.
  2. b ______ _______is a swelling that appears over the developing brain and forms the forehead.
  3. c Migratory cells located in the middle between the epiblast and hypoblast layers becoming Mesenchyme. (embryonic connective tissue.)
  4. d The _______ _______ are located at the corners of the mouth.
  5. e The outer cells of the dental papilla are induced to ___________into odontoblasts.

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  1. Disc undergoes embryonic folding into an embryo.
  2. The placenta develops.
  3. Frontonasal process forms and the Placodes begin to develop.
  4. The tooth germ is comprised of 3 embryological structures: the _______ _______, ______ _______ and _______ _____.
  5. ____________ of embryo causes endoderm to be on the inside of the embryo.

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  1. Bridge of the noseThe medial nasal processes are involved directly in the formation of the embryo's ______ __ ___ _____.


  2. Mandibular ArchThe lower face will develop from the ______ ______.


  3. buccal mucosaOral tissue closest to the inner cheek is described as ___________.


  4. Stomodeum_________________ is derived from the epiblast layer.


  5. medial nasal processesThe _____ ________ _______ are involved directly in the formation of the embryo's bridge of the nose.