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  1. Mesoderm
  2. Buccal
  3. Stacked bilateral swellings
  4. 10th week
  5. medial nasal processes
  1. a The____ _____ ____ of tissue appearing inferior to the stomodeum, and including the mandibular arch, are branchial arches.
  2. b Oral tissue closest to the inner cheek is described as ___________.
  3. c _________________ is derived from the epiblast layer.
  4. d Philtrum is located in the midline of the face and forms from the
  5. e the facial muscles are beginning to migrate over the 1st branchial arch. Mandibular muscles masses start to organize into the muscles of mastication.

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  1. _____ _______allows the fusion of swellings or tissue from different surfaces of the embryo.
  2. _____ ______can result from the lack of fusion between the medial nasal and maxillary processes.
  3. ______ _________ is formed if the palatal shelves are unable to fuse properly during prenatal development.
  4. Bud stage
  5. Formation of the forgut, the midgut and the hindgut.

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  1. Uvula_______ ____in the dental lamina appear along each dental arch during odontogenesis of the primary dentition.


  2. 5th weekNasal cavity, and future nasal septum are beginning to develop.


  3. Dental lamina_____ ______develops from the oral epithelium.


  4. PalateThe__________develops during the 4th to 8th weeks.


  5. Sternocleidomastoid MuscleThe________ ________ is located on each side of the neck.