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  1. Stacked bilateral swellings
  2. 3rd week
  3. Primary palate
  4. 4th week
  1. a formation of the stacked bilateral swelling which are the branchial arches.
  2. b Now we see the mesoderm differentiate and begin to divide into paired cuboidal aggregates of cells called somites.
  3. c The _____________ partially separates the nasal and oral cavities in the 5th week.
  4. d The____ _____ ____ of tissue appearing inferior to the stomodeum, and including the mandibular arch, are branchial arches.

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  1. _____ _______allows the fusion of swellings or tissue from different surfaces of the embryo.
  2. The embryonic period is characterized by increased ____ ____.
  3. ________is composed entirely of inner and outer enamel epithelium
  4. ____________ is enlarged as a result of the disintegration of the oropharyngeal membrane.
  5. The _____ ______is the transition zone outlining the lips from the surrounding skin.

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  1. Horizontal epithelial extensionsPhiltrum is located in the midline of the face and forms from the


  2. 4th weekFormation of the forgut, the midgut and the hindgut.


  3. Cervical loopThe _____ _____ is responsible for the development of the root.


  4. Fordyce's spotsAfter the inner enamel epithelium differentiates into _____________, the outer cells of the dental papilla are induced by the preameloblasts to differentiate into odontoblasts.


  5. 3rd weekBilaminar embryonic disc is developed from the blastocyst.