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US History Unit 1 Part 2

Study questions for US History - road to revolution
Navigation Acts
These laws said the colonists could only sell their goods to England. They couldn't trade with Spain or any other European country.
French and Indian War
The French, British and colonists fought over control of the colonial land.
Stamp Act
This law said colonists had to pay a direct tax on most paper goods. The Sons of Liberty started as a result.
Sons of Liberty
A violent group of colonists organized to protest unfair taxes.
Boston Massacre
Scuffle between British troops and protesting colonists. 5 people die.
Boston Tea Party
Colonists throw tea into the Boston Harbor to protest a British tax on tea.
Lexington and Concord
Towns in New England where the revolution began. Minutemen fought with the British troops.
Thomas Jefferson
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
A great victory for the colonists in the revolution and a turning point in the war.
Last battle in the revolution in which Washington defeated Cornwallis.
secondary source
a history textbook, for example
primary source
a journal entry, for example
a colonist who supported the British
a colonist who wanted independence from Britain