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  1. Scientific hypothesis
  2. Condensation
  3. Scientific Law
  4. Scientific Method
  5. Evaporation
  1. a Identify problem
    collect data through observation
    analyze and organize data
    suggest explanations
    propose explanation(tell whether hypothesis is correct or incorrect)
  2. b Physical change of matter from a gas to a liquid
  3. c looking a number of observations(facts/data) and making a general statements based upon the themes or patterns of the observations (facts/date)
  4. d attempt to explain the scientific law
  5. e Physical change of matter from liquid to a gas

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  1. Branch of Science that is limited in scope to make science more manageable
  2. well defined, controlled procedure for obtaining information about a system understudy.
  3. Physical state of matter with an indefinite shape and a definite volume
  4. Physical change of matter from a solid to a gas
  5. Non-numerical data consisting of general observations about a system under study

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  1. Basic Scientific ResearchMajor focus in the discovery of new fundamental information about humans and other living organisms and the universe in which they live.


  2. Scientific Researchreproductile single piece of information objective and verifiable. (single observation)


  3. GasPhysical state of matter with an indefinite shape and an indefinite volume


  4. MeltingPhysical change of matter from a liquid to a solid


  5. Experimentsmost important to chemical discovery