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  1. hypothesis
  2. Freezing
  3. Experiments
  4. Scientific Law
  5. Experiment
  1. a well defined, controlled procedure for obtaining information about a system understudy.
  2. b Physical change of matter from a liquid to a solid
  3. c the effort to explain a fact(valid observation)
  4. d most important to chemical discovery
  5. e looking a number of observations(facts/data) and making a general statements based upon the themes or patterns of the observations (facts/date)

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  1. Physical change of matter from solid to a liquid
  2. Information that is object and verifiable by using the five senses as a basis.
  3. reproductile single piece of information objective and verifiable. (single observation)
  4. a scientific discipline which is devoted to the study of matter and enegy.
  5. Basic scientific research and Applied scientific research

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  1. Scientific hypothesisA hypothesis that has been accepted by the scientific community after being tested alot over a long period of time and validated


  2. Scientific DisciplineBranch of Science that is limited in scope to make science more manageable


  3. LiquidPhysical state of matter with a definite shape and a definite volume


  4. CondensationPhysical change of matter from gas to a solid


  5. GasA valid observation about some natural phenomenon


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