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n. One who intrudes by meddling or trespassing on the rights of others


adj. 1. very destructive to both sides in a conflict; involving slaughter and carnage
2. pertaining to struggle or conflict within a group, organization, or nation


v. 1. to insert or add something between other parts, especially in a text or written work
2. to introduce material that severely alters a test or falsifies it


n. 1. any period of time when a state is without a ruler or has a provisional government, especially between the reign of a sovereign and a successor
2. an intervak between controlling elements; an interruption in an otherwise continuous function or process


v. 1. to insert between parts of something; to interject in a conversation
2. to apply pressure of influence; to meddle; to interfere


v. to place side by side


n. 1. nearness; proximity
2. kinship


n. reconciliation; restoration of cordial relations, especially between two countries


adj. at rest; dormant; motionless


v. to agree or consent without any objection


n. a mass of service for the repose of departed souls; music, poetry, or other composition for the dead


adj. not reciprocated; not given in payment or returned in kind


adj. difficult to understand; complex


v. to push or thrust out a liquid or malleable substance that retains or solidifies into a predetermined shape


v. 1. to force one's ideas or oneself insistently upon others
2. to thrust or push out; protrude noticeably, often in an undesirable way

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