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AP Psychology Progress Test 2

Wundt, 1879
The first psychology laboratory was established by _______ in the year ____.
Wilhelm Wundt
Who would be most likely to agree with the statement, "Psychology is the science of mental life?"
any action we can observe and record
In psychology, "behavior" is best defined as...
top-down versus bottom-up processing
Which of the following is NOT a major issue in psychology?
way of asking and answering questions
In defining psychology, the text notes that psychology is most accurately described as a...
philosophy and biology
Two historical roots of psychology are the disciplines of
The Greek philosopher who believed that intelligence was inherited was
The way the mind encodes, processes, stores, and retrieves information is the primary concern of the _______ perspective.
Which of the following individuals is also a physician?
Developmental psychologist
Dr. Jones' research centers on the relationship between changes in our thinking over the life span and changes in our moral reasoning. Dr. Jones is more likely a...
industrial-organizational psychology
Which subfield is most directly concerned with studying human behavior in the workplace?
Dr. Ernst (HAHAHA ERNEST) explains behavior in terms of different situations. Dr. Ernst is working within the ____-_____ perspective.
Which perspective emphasizes the learning of observable responses?
A psychologist who studies how worker productivity might be increases by changing office layout is engaged in ________ research
people learn and remember material best when they actively process it
(Close-up) A major principle underlying the PRTR study method is that...
The fourth-century scholar who anticipated health psychology's focus on mind-body interaction was...