40 terms

ITM 104 Exam 1

All of the following are media management software used to organize music, video, and pictures, EXCEPT ________.

Apple iTunes

Windows Media Player

Correct answer Sony Sound Forge
All of the following are types of multimedia and entertainment software, EXCEPT ________.
drawing software

digital audio software

gaming software

Correct answer productivity software
Microsoft's ________ enables you to create a 3-D walkthrough of your favorite vacation places.
coordinate instructions between application software and the computer's hardware devices

Correct answer add graphics and pictures to files

help run the computer

help manage system resources
Google ________ is a popular application that lets you edit images and helps to organize and share your digital images.
Correct answer Picaso



The intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet program is known as a ________.
Correct answer cell



Using applications on smartphones and tablets to buy and sell products is known as ________
smart commerce

Correct answer mobile commerce

table commerce

Web commerce
Every software program has a set of ________ that specify the minimum recommended standards for the operating system, processor, RAM, and hard drive capacity
programming instructions

system requirements

help files

Adobe Photoshop and Corel PaintShop Photo Pro are examples of ________ software.
Correct answer image-editing

computer-aided design


Web page authoring
System software does all of the following, EXCEPT ________.
coordinate instructions between application software and the computer's hardware devices

Correct answer add graphics and pictures to files

help run the computer

help manage system resources
Computer-aided design software is used primarily by ________.
project managers to track tasks

Correct answer engineers to create models

game makers to create games

airline pilots to navigate
The cell address C5 indicates that the cell ________.
is used in a formula involving the value "C5"

Correct answer is at column C, row 5 of the worksheet

is at row C, column 5 of the worksheet

contains a label value of "C5"
What is Google's first attempt at a netbook where all applications and files are stored on the Web?
Google docs


Correct answer Chromebooks

Cloud Computing
CD ripping refers to ________.
stealing songs off the Internet

Correct answer encoding CDs to MP3 format

erasing content on a CD

creating your own CDs from your MP3 collection
Software refers to a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. These instruction sets are called ________.



Correct answer programs
Web-based application software is software that ________.
does not need an Internet connection

is installed by the computer manufacturer

Correct answer is stored completely on a Web server instead of your hard drive

enables you to create Web pages
Most word processing programs come with a search and replace tool that enables you to locate and replace specific text.
false Correct answer true
Apple's Final Cut Pro is an example of software that enables you to edit video.
true Correct answer false
All Web-based software is free.
true Correct answer false
Desktop publishing software enables you to create brochures and flyers
false Correct answer true
Media management programs are entertainment applications that turn artificial environments into a realistic experience.
Incorrect answer true false
A ________ is approximately 1 million bytes.



Correct answer megabyte
The standard keyboard is known as the ________ keyboard

Correct answer QWERTY


The term "bit" is short for ________.
binary number


Correct answer binary digit

binary languag
Apple developed ________ Mouse, which is the first multitouch wireless mouse.
Correct answer Magic



Which of the following is the largest unit of measure for the size of a computer file?

Incorrect answer Terabyte


New technologies pushing the boundaries of printing include ________.
cloud printing

inkless printing

3-D printing

Correct answer all of the above
A(n) ________ is a specially designed computer that can perform complex calculations extremely fast.
Incorrect answer embedded computer


desktop computer

mainframe computer
After a picture has been taken with a digital camera and processed appropriately, the actual print of the picture is considered ________
a process

Correct answer output


________ printers have tiny hammer-like keys that strike the paper through an inked ribbon.


Correct answer Impact

________ computers are specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices such as your car or the electronic thermostat in your home.



Incorrect answer Internal
Display screens that respond to commands initiated with your finger or a stylus are called ________.
touch pads

track screens

Correct answer touch screens

track points
The small, touch-sensitive area at the base of the keyboard on a notebook computer is known as a ________.
touch pad



game control
________ is the applied science concerned with designing and arranging machines and furniture so that people use so that the people using them aren't subjected to an uncomfortable or unsafe experience.
Repetitive strain prevention


Correct answer Ergonomics

Occupational safet
A ________ sits on your computer monitor or is built into a laptop and is used primarily for transmitting live video.
Correct answer webcam



All of the following are names for a flash drive, EXCEPT _______
thumb drive

Correct answer hard drive

USB drive

jump drive
Processing is manipulating, calculating, or organizing data into information.
Correct answer true false
External hard drives are often used to back up data that are contained on the internal hard drive.
false Correct answer true
Joysticks and steering wheels are examples of game controllers.
Correct answer true false
Light-emitting diode technology uses organic compounds that produce light when exposed to an electric current
false Incorrect answer true
The central processing unit controls all the functions performed by the computer's other components and processes all the commands issued to it by software instructions.
Correct answer true false