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  1. Auscultatory gap
  2. Remittent fever
  3. Hypothalamic integrator
  4. Pyrexia
  5. Intermittent fever
  1. a the center in the brain that controls the core temperature; located in the preoptic area of the hypothalamus
  2. b the occurrence of a wide range of temperature fluctuations (more than 2 degrees C [3.6 degrees F]) over the 24-hour period, all of which are above normal (cold, influenza)
  3. c the temporary disappearance of sounds normally heard over the brachial artery when the sphygmomanometer cuff pressure is high and the sounds reappear at a lower level
  4. d (hyperthermia, fever) a body temperature above the normal range
  5. e a body temperature that alternates at regular intervals between periods of fever and periods of normal or subnormal temperatures (Malaria)

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  1. pertaining to a fever; feverish
  2. an extremely high body temperature (e.g., 41 degrees C [105.8 degrees F])
  3. a noninvasive device that measures the arterial blood oxygen saturation by means of a sensor attached to the finger
  4. the center that controls the core temperature is located in the preoptic area of the hypothalamus.
  5. high fever (105.8)

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  1. hypothermiarewarming the body by applying blankets


  2. Tachypneaabnormally fast respirations, usually more than 24 respirations per minute


  3. Arteriosclerosisa condition in which the elastic and muscular tissues of the arteries are replaced with fibrous tissue


  4. chill phasefeeling chills, coldness, shivering, etc


  5. Korotkoff's soundsa series of five sounds produced by blood within the artery with each ventricular contraction