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  1. Peripheral pulse
  2. Polypnea
  3. Chemical thermogenesis
  4. Internal respiration
  5. Hematocrit
  1. a the stimulation of heat production in the body through increased cellular metabolism caused by increases in thyroxine output
  2. b abnormally fast respirations
  3. c the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the circulating blood and the cells of the body tissues
  4. d the proportion of red blood cells (erythrocytes) to the total blood volume
  5. e a pulse located in the periphery of the body (eg, foot, wrist)

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  1. (PMI) the point where the apex of the heart touches the anterior chest wall
  2. an extremely high body temperature (e.g., 41 degrees C [105.8 degrees F])
  3. abnormally slow respiratory rate, usually less than 10 respirations per minute
  4. the temperature of the skin, the subcutaneous
  5. (inspiration) the act of breathing in; the intake of air or other substances into the lungs

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  1. mild hypothermiacore body temp below the lower limit of normal


  2. Dysrhythmiaa pulse with an irregular rhythm


  3. Apneanormal, quiet breathing


  4. Radiationthe transfer of heat from the surface of one object to the surface of another without contact between the two objects


  5. chill phasefeeling chills, coldness, shivering, etc