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what's the main purpose of prophets?

They remind Jews of their covenant. encourage the people to trust God. Prepare Jews for Jesus.

How did the prophets proclaim?

Spoke or wrote

Name 3 major and Minor Prophets

Minor- Hosea, Amos, Joel
Major- Elijah, Isaiah, Daniel

What was John?

A baptist

What does Prophet mean?

A man chosen by God to speak God's message to the people

What was the story of Elijah and Elisha

Elijah was very devoted to God and is most famous for his contest against Pagan Priests. Elisha was the most important of Elijah's followers

What did an Angel reveal to John?

That he was Herald and the forerunner

What was the prophet's mission?

To prepare the Jews and remind them of their covenant with the Lord

What are Messiah's prophecies?

That the Messiah's born of a virgin
The Messiah would be the light of the world
King of Kings
He will suffer
The Messiah will shine in glory

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