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What is PDR and how is is measured?
Paint deterioration rate in increments of 10 all the way 100
What is a hawking anchor used for ?
Dragging for chain
Identify the frame number 6-150-0-e
6th deck, 150th foward, 0 centerline
What two power sources do naval vessels use in place of running their main engines?
Shore power, generators
What code on supsalv references UWSH?
What is the formula for determining the number and spacing between swire rope clips?
3x diameter
What are the two types of shackles used in salvage operations,how do they differ?
Safety, screw pin
What is a carpenter stopper
Stops off wire rope
Ascending from a TT-6 and your patient is guarding his left side, breathing rate has increase and you can visually see he is in pain What is your action/diagnoses/treatment?
Pneumothorax. Stop travel perform needle d
Explain RNT in your own words
Is excess residual nitrogen in the body that has not yet been offgased
Explain RNT exception rule
Rnt time can't be more than bottem time
What are th e new , rev 6 definitions of the 3 types ofchambers
Lv1-5min, lv2-60 min,lv3-6 hours
What types of dives require an immediate avaliable chamber?
Decompression,planned exceptional exposure, mixed gas
What is OQE?
Objective quality evidence
How many system certification cards are there?
What manual governs certification of manned hyperbaric systems?
MAN 10
How often are re entry control packages kept at your command?
For the life of the system or till one supersedes it.
What is FBR? What system do you use at your command to generate one?
Feed back report, sked
What are mil-std-1622 and mil-std-1330 used for?
1622-air 1330-O2
How often are air samples taken?
Every 6 months so with a 4-6 month leeway
How often are tag-out audits completed?
What is the working range of a torque wrench?
What is TORS? What are the three items found a TORS?
Tag out record sheet
What are the classes of fire, give an example of each?
ALPHA:Wood, paper, cloth, upholstery Water
BRAVO: Flammable liquids, such as
gasoline, jet fuel, paint, oil,
CHARLIE: Electrical equipment
DELTA: Combustible metals, such as
magnesium, titanium
Whata two departments in a command will always have a copy of every MSDS within their command?
Supply, helmet and dress
What does MOPP stand for, how are MOPP levels arranged?
Mission orientated protective posture
Who is the supervisor of salvage?
Capt Keith lehnhardt
Who is your commands diving supervisor?
Who is the current MCPON?
Steven s. Giordano
What are the three levels of war?
Operational, strategic, tactical
What are the 3rd and 7th fleet AORs HQ based out of?
3rd pearl harbor, 7th to yokosuka Japan
What is ORM, what are the 5 steps?
Operational risk manegment, IAMIS
What pubs/manual/instructions discuss safety regarding diving?
5100.23(ashore ), 5100.19 (afloat)
What is the main purpose of accident investigation?what is NOT the purpose?
What temp must the water reach to be considered warm water diving?
If you were to plan a UWSH dive what considerations must you remember regarding low tide?
Minimum 6 feet from keel to the harbor harbor
How often are safety lines published ? Where can you find them?
AIG safety line binder, 2 times a year
What is a far?
Failure analysis report
What are the pneumophathometer correction factors?
1: 0 to 100
2: 101 to 200
4: 201 to 300
7:301 to 400
What are the emergency, minimum and optimum chamber manning requirements
What is the ACFM if a mk-21/ km-37?
1.4 ACFM
Is breath hold diving authorized in the US navy?
He's only in training commands
What are the map requirements for a mk-21 at 30 fsw?
148.35 (30x.445)+135
What are the different types of buddy lines used?
Buddy line, distance line
What is an exceptional exposure dive?
Any dive deeper than 190', in water decompression for greater than 90, SurDO2 dive with a chamber oxygen time greater than 120 minutes
What are the minimum manning levels for a scuba side?
4- sup, tender, diver, stndby
What are the reserve psi requirements for twin-80s?
250 psi
Calculate the mmp of the MK-20 at 50 fsw
115 psi
What are the normal limits of surface supplied diving?
MK-20- 60 FSW, KM-37- 190FSW
What are the depth limits of the DP-1/2?
When is a tender required for scuba dives?
What is henerys law and how does it apply to mixed gas diving?
Henry's law states that the amount of gas that will dissolve in a liquid at a given temperature is almost directly proportional to the partial pressure of that gas. Choosing breathing media is crucial
What is the saturation diving theory?
That tissues can become saturated with inert gas
When can you use hydraulic tools while diving scuba?
What are the limitations of diving within 50ft of a live suction?
What year did the mk-21 replace the mk-12
December 1993
What position is the Gage valve wire on a recompression chamber?
What is the protocol for an asymptomatic diver that surfaces from 30 fsw on a no "D" dive?
What is state depth used for?
Travel rates (ascent time)
What is the indirect bubble affect?
Air bubble acts as a foreign body, immune system will attack it and cause various problems such as clots,reduced organ blood flow, tissues hypoxia and allergic type problems.
What are the symptoms of hypoxia?
Loss of judgment, Lack of concentration, Lack of muscle control,Inability to perform delicate or skillrequiring tasks, Drowsiness, Weakness, Agitation , Euphoria, Loss of consciousness
When can a patient in the chamber hydrate, what is a good sign they are well hydrated?
Hydrate Anytime, when urine output is at least .5cc/kg/hr and is colorless
What are the temperature limitations of each treatment/air table?
95-104°F (34.4-40°C)- 2 hr for table 5,9
85-94°F (29-34.4°C)-6 hr for 5,6,6a,1a,9
Under85°F (29°C)-unlimited for all treatments
How long should inside tenders wait between TT-7'S
48 hrs
What does VENTID-C stand for?
Visual disturbances, ears ringing roaring, nausea, tingling in extremities, irritability, dizziness, convulsions
What is the ppo2 at 50 eww?
What are the signs of CO poisoning? How do you treat it?
Headache, Dizziness, Confusion, Nausea, Vomiting, Tightness across the forehead
Who can apply a tourniquet?
What does the line pull signal 2-1 from the diver mean?
I understand
When can you treat civilian diver casualties?
If its life or limb
What are the 6 parts of a Neuro?
Mental status, coordination, motor skills, cranial nerves, sensory, deep tendon reflexes
Name the cranial nerves
Olfactory,optic, ocularmotor, trigeminal, trochlear, abducens, facial, accustic, glossopharyngeal, vagus,spinal accesory, hypoglossal
Scuba EP's
Trapped diver
Lost diver
Loss of air
Unconscious diver
What does pois stand for and what are the different kinds?
Pulmonary over inflation syndrome, mediastinal emphasyema, subcutaneous emphysema, pneumothorax(simple and tension), age,
What are the three types of propellors?
Solid, built up, controllable pitch
How are fouling rates and paint deterioration rates measured?
What are the different sup salv codes?
OOC1-business management
What is an APU/SPM
APU-auxiliary propulsion unit
SPM-secondary propulsion motor
What are the two types or sonar
Active, passive
What are stern tubes, are they wet or dry
Hollow tubes that run from the main engines to propeller to give it power
What is the prairie masker air system used for?
Air bubble system found forward of machine spaces .used to mask ships signature
What are the egs requirements for enclosed space diving?
50'-150' whip, topside, mmp set to 150
What are DC plugs what are the common materials used to make them?
Damage control plugs are come shaped objects used to control flooding. They can be made out of wood
How are propellers numbered
Starting from the lifting eye
What are docking plans, what can be found on them, how can is be used in diving?
Is a Layout of a ships design,the location of spaces and appendages can be found in it, this is useful for divers as it can be used as a map to work around the vessel
What nstm is used for inspections ane hull cleanings
Mark 081
How long are weight tests on stages good for.
5 years
What are the different types of feed back reports
What are the different types of maintenance
Preventative, corrective
Inactive equipment maintenance
What is a fr
Force revision
Boyle's law
States that at a constant temperature, the absolute pressure and the volume of a gas are inversely proportional. As pressure increases the gas value is reduced, as the gas value is reduced the gas volume increases.
Charles gay lussac's law
States that at a constant pressure, the volume of a gas is directly proportional to the change in absolute temperature.
Dalton's Law
The total pressure of a mixture of gases is the sum of the individual pressures (Ptotal=P1+P2+P3...)