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Morrill Tariff
Doubled average level of Import Duties
Duties helped the north and hurt the south
National Banking Act
Uniform system of Banking and Currency
Businessmen--> gold
Farmers/Southerners--> silver and cash
Homestead Act
Free federal land to individuals
then 5 years later they gain the title
anyone could buy this license
Morrill Land Grant
A&M Colleges
Freeman's Bureau
General Oliver Howard
-idea--> land redistribution
-pros--> medicare, food, choose own employers, courts for disputes
-didnt work
Southern Destruction
Property Values
railroads destroyed
labor shortages with slaves
Moral problems
Lincoln VS Johnson
Lincoln--> 1. General Amnesty
2. Southern states could regain their state governments if 10% of voters took loyalty oath
3. Acceptance of 13th Amendment-ended slavery
4. Rejected Wade-Davis Bill with a pocket veto

Johnson--> 1. Loyalty oath for majority of male population
2. State must repeal the law by which state withdrew from the Union
3. State must abolish slavery and ratify 13th Amendment
4. U.S. would repudiate the Confederate war debt
Radical Republicans
led by 15 men
-Stevens, Sumner, Wade,
Punish the South
More power to congress than president
Violated tenure of Office Act
Hard money
- gold, merchants and bankers
-farmers pay debts
Credit Mobilizer
-put tax on whiskey
Omnibus Act- 1868
All but Texas, MS and Virginia following
Amnesty Act
Restore political rights to all but 500 ex-confederates
Civil Rights Act
Equal jobs and no segregation in public places was repealed
19/29 delegates were born free
All told, approximately 150 African Americans were killed including 48 who were murdered after the battle. Only three whites were killed, and few were injured in the largely one-sided battle of Colfax. 1873
Black Codes
defined race--> any amount of black= black
unemployed freeman were whipped and branded--> Global CC
limited education
Freedman were assumed farmers--> share cropping takes place of slavery
late 1800s- literacy and poll taxes
tenant farmer
farmer who gives part of each crop as rent
Plesse VS Vergasen
no idea what this is
southerners who worked politically or financially
northerners who came to south to take advantage of businessmen of political offices
Klu Klux Klan
burned crosses in front yards and killed people
Knights of White Camelia
southerners who worked with the union military commanders
former Whigs
20% electorate
northerners who traveled south for private gain
educational and social reform
Hayes over Tilden
withdrew federal troops from LA and SC
Corrupt Bargain
said he will take the federal troops out if he gets votes
Election- 1877