Local Government Test


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State senator for Cosby area
Glen Sturtevant
Speaker of the House of Delegates
Kirk Cox
Delegate from Cosby area
Lee Ware
First Black Governor in the Country
Doug Wilder
Served as Governor from 2002-2006, is currently the "senior" US Senator from Virginia. Elected following the 2000 recession
Mark Warner
Most recent governor to serve two terms (hint: changed parties because of Nixon)
Mills Godwin
This court has jurisdiction over cases related to family and child protection laws
Juvenile and Domestic Court
First Republican Governor of Virginia (hint: his daughter married Tim Kaine)
Linwood Holton
Republican Governor in the 1990's, known for the parole abolition, welfare reform, and SOLs
George Allen
The Virginia Senate has ______ memebers
The House of Delegates has ____ members
The current Virginia Constitution was written in:
Judges are appointed by
General Assembly
There are ____ judges on the VA Supreme Court
Who is our Lieutenant Governor
Justin Fairfax
What party dominated Virginia politics from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement?
The "Golden Crescent" refers to:
The population centers shifting toward the I-95 Corridor out to VA beach
What makes Virginia a "purple" state in recent years?
Dems winning Federal-level and state-wide elections, GOP winning local races
A lawsuit of $700 would be filed in which court?
General District Court
A formal accusation of the charges against a defendant
State Prosecutors are also called _____ in Virginia
Commonwealth's Attorney
This act of defiance defined over 100 years of Southern state-level politics
Massive Resistance
Who is the Matoaca (our) Supervisor for Chesterfield County?
Steve Elswick
Who is Cosby's (Matoaca's) elected School Board Representative?
Rob Thompson
Name the Attorney General of Virginia
Mark Herring