John Adams Presidency


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Who was in favor of the states debt??
Alexander Hamilton
Who was not in favor of the states debt??
Thomas Jefferson
What was the compromise??
They will move the capital to a better place
Who was in favor of the national Bank??
Who was not in favor of the National Bank??
What was the decision??
They agreed only if the bank had really good security.
Who were the citizens fighting against??
Great Britian
what country declared war on France??
Great Britiain
the relationship US had with both,Washington's decision, what effects did the decision have
It stated a war
What did the U.S. get in jays treaty??
Great Britain camped around the U.S. territory.
What did Great Britain Get in jays treaty??
U.S. territory ame to them.
What did the US get in pinckney's treaty??
They got New Orlean port open to trade
what did Spain get in pinckney's treaty??
Spain kept peace with Americans
Who was living in the area
Native Americans
who and what were they trading
who did Washington send
what happened
The farmers left
Why did the US place a tax on whiskey??
To make more money to pay debt.
why could the farmers not pay it??
They were only trading whiskey. They didnt use money.
what did Washington do??
He brought himself and 13000 melishia members to see the farmers.
Foreign Ties
Foreign Ties- He didnt like the idea of peple fighting.
Political Divisions
Political Divisions- He worried it could easialy lead to conflict.
Public Debt
Public Debt- He belives the government should try not to borrow money.
Election of 1796
Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican party. Federalist-John Adams and Thomas Pinckney- Democratic-Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. After they worked for a while together they ran the office together.
XYZ Affair
The french was using privatters to attack American ships, Adams sent out U.S. diplomats, Elbridge Gerry, John Marshall, and Charles c Pinckney to Paris.
Election Of 1800
Jefferson and Adams, Aaron Burr, Charles c Pinckney. Representatives. President- John Adams. Vice President- Aaron Burr.