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1st Person Definition
The narrator is telling the story/ Main character is the narrator
2nd Person Definition
This Point of View is used for instructions.
3rd Person Limited Definition
An outside narrator only knows the thoughts and feelings of one character.
3rd Person Omniscient Definition
An outside narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of multiple characters
3rd Person Objective Definition
No thought or feelings are revealed.
1st Person Pronouns
Key words: I, me, we, our...
2nd Person Pronouns
Key words: you, your, yours
3rd Person Pronouns
Key words: He, she, they, their
1st Person Example
I cooked dinner last night.
2nd Person Example
For dinner, you decided to make mac and cheese.
3rd Person Limited Example
Sally wanted to make spaghetti, but was missing some of the ingredients.
3rd Person Objective Example
The family ate dinner together every night.
3rd Person Omniscient Example
Jack wanted to go to McDonald's for dinner, but his sister was hoping for Taco Bell. Their dad was going to surprise them with Chuck E. Cheese.

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