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a period of years; millenium
act or art of healing; podiatry
conversion to; moderation
act of killing; fratricide
study of; biology
musical genre; encore,
expert; astrologer
stone; monolith
machine; automatron
focused on, eccentric
to cut; dissect
examination; biopsy
superb or excellent; fantastic
belief in/of; agnosticism
government; democracy
oriented towards; clockwise
event of long duration; triathalon
skilled worker of; goldsmith
without; worthless
scandal; Watergate
obsession or madness; kleptomaniac
having to do with; picturesque
state or quality; piracy
one with an obsession; alcholic
name; synonym
act or process; nocturnal
of a given eon or era, paleozoic
a person who; veterinarian
voyager; astronaut
treatment; hydrotherapy
place of; utopia
place or state; kingdom
pain; neuralgia
sound; telephone
someone who has power; technocrat
giant reptile; dinosaur
city; megapolis
instrument for viewing; microscope
room or chamber; solarium
surgical removal; tonsilectomy
dealer or trader; fishmonger
plant or plant like;

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