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World Music: South American


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Death Whistle
What type of instrument was carved to look like a human skull?
It changes the pitch
What does placing your hand in a Conch Shell while blowing through it do?
A Drum
The Cuica looks like what instrument? Even though it is played by moving a waxed stick through the bottom of the instrument.
Instruments in a Mariachi Band
Violin, Trumpet, Guitar, Harp, Vihuela, Guitarron.
Old Oil Drums
Steel Drums are made from pounding out what discarded container?
The Teponatzli is a log drum that has slits cut into the sides. What do you use to strike this drum?
Cirlce Breathing
The Quena is an Incan Transverse flute. What technique is used to allow this flute to be played without a break in the sound?