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Alliance for Progress

"ten-year plan for americans" $20billion partnership with us and latin america to reverse the cycle of poverty and stimulate exonomic growth.


the most degregated city in the US. MLK called for demonstrations here where they were met with police with dogs and fifre hoses.

Kennedy's administration name

New Frontier

LBJ administration name

Great Society

reasons why LBJ supported civil rights

wanted the Democratic Party to benefit from the national groudwells for civil rights. as a southerner, to reach across regional lines and show that he was president of all people

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

to implement the prohibition against job discrimination.

Elementary and Secondary Education Act

$1 billion in federal funds to both public and religious schools.

Higher Education Act

provided federal scholarships for college students

LBJ's 2 major contribution to national health insurance:

Medicare: helath plan for the elderly funded by Social Security taxes; Medicaid: health plan for the poor paid using general taxes

High way Beautification Act

LBJ pressed for expanded antional park system. improvement of nation's air and water, protection of endangered species.

Immigration Act of 1965

abandoned the quota system that favored northern europeans. replaced it with numerical limits that didn't discriminate among nations. also provided that close relatives of legal residents in the US could be admitted outside the numerical limits. (benefitted asians and hispanics)

LBJ social security

broadened social security to include waiters/tress, domestic servants, farmworkers, and hospital employees.

LBJ's new organizations that helped the poor

1. Economic Opportunity Act
2. Head Start-free nursery schoools to prepare disadvantaged preschoolers for kindergarden
3. Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) provided technical assistance to the poor
4. Community Action Program-encouraged tis cleints to demand a voice in the decision that affect their lives.

Rolling Thunder

bombing campaign escalating against North Vietnam. target was the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and network of trails, bridges, and shelters in North Vietnam to Cambodia and Laos to South Viet. This bombing had little affect on Vietcong and they began to make underground tunnel systems.

war of attrition

military strategy of small scale attacks to sap the resourced and moral of the stronger army

SANE (The national committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy)

protested atmospheric nuclear testing.

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

college students that rejected the Cold War foreign policy . their movement was called the "New Left"

Free Speech Movement

first demonstation at UCBerkely after the administration banned political activity in the Plaza. in protest, student organizations formed the Free Speech Movement and organized a sit in.

Black Muslims

rejected Christianity with a strong dose of self improvement. adhered to a strict code of personal behavior, preached Islamic ways and aticipated the daywhen Allah would banish the white "devils" and give the black nation justice.

Black Panthers

Newton and Seale, two college students, founded this militant self defense organization dedicated to protecting blacks from police violence. assertion of black pirde and rejected the white society.

Mexican American Political Association (MAPA)

supported JFK and sucessfully elected mexican candidates

Brown Berets

younger mexican americans grew impatient with MAPA and made the Berets modeled after the Black Panthers. they proclained a new tern Chicano to replace Mexican American and organized a political party called La Raza Unida (The united race)


supporters of the war


war opponents

Governor Wallace

called for law and order and denounced mothers on public assistance. was a segregationish governor.

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