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The Fair Labor Standars Act
Forbids unfair treatment of employees by employers. This law has been amended many times to raise the minimum wage. It also reduced the number of hours worked without overtime pay and extended coverage to many low-income workers
The Equal Pay Act
Forbids the practice of using different pay scales for men and women. It requires that both sexes receive equal pay for jobs in similar working conditions requiring the same level of skill, effort, and responsibility.
The Civil Rights Act
Banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Banned unfair treatment of workers age 40 and older. The law was expanded by the older workers benefit program act of 1990
The Americans with Disabilities Act
Wide-ranging law prohibiting discrimination of individuals with disabilities in matters involving employment, government services, and transportation
Actively seeks out cases of discrimination by monitoring contractors who hold federal contracts.
Investigates charges of discrimination brought to it by individual workers and groups of employees
Established in 1938
The Fair Labor standards Act (FLSA)
Established in 1963
The Equal Pay Act
Established in 1964
The Civil Rights Act
Established in 1967
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Established in 1990
The Americans with Disabilities Act