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  1. gag reflex
  2. respiration
  3. pocket face mask
  4. bag-valve mask (BVM)
  5. flowmeter
  1. a breathing
  2. b a device, usually with a one way valve, to aid in artificial ventilation.
  3. c vomiting or retching that results when something is placed in the back of the pharynx
  4. d a valve that indicates the flow of oxygen in liters per minute
  5. e a handheld device with a face mask and self refilling bag that can be squeezed to provide artificial ventilations to a patient

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  1. the passageway by which air enters or leaves the body
  2. a device that uses oxygen under pressure to deliver artificial ventilations. it has automatic flow restriction to prevent over-delivery of oxygen to the patient
  3. a face mask and reservoir bag device that delivers specific concentrations of oxygen by mixing oxygen with inhaled air
  4. the amount of air breathed in during each respiration multiplied by the number of breaths per minute
  5. a cylinder filled with oxygen under pressure

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  1. respiratory distressincreased work of breathing; a sensation of shortness of breath


  2. automatic transport ventilator (ATV)a device that provides positive pressure ventilations. is easily carried on the ambulance


  3. respiratory failurethe reduction of breathing to the point where oxygen intake is not sufficient to support life


  4. nasal cannulaa device that delivers low concentrations of oxygen through 2 prongs that rest in the patients nostrils


  5. head-tilt, chin-lift maneuvera means of correcting blockage of the airway by the tongue by tilting the head back and lifting the chin