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Includes vocabulary from Unit 1.


the study of people, their environments, and their resources


the distance north or south from the equator


distance east or west from the Prime Meridian

natural resources

materials that humans take from the environment to survive and satisfy their needs


the average weather of a place over a period of 20-30 years

primary source

firstthand information about people or events

secondary source

an account provided after the fact by people who did not directly witness or participate in the event


the quality or condition of being genuine


a leaning toward or against a certain person, group, or idea


objects made by humans


the study of evidence left by early peoples in order to find out about their way of life


an entire way of life developed by a group of people


the sequence of events over time


the study of how people manage limited resources to satisfy their wants and needs

political science

the study of government


the study of how people and cultures develop


the study of how people behave in groups


the study of how people think and behave

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